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* - August 17

I have recently browsed through this message board in the hopes of finding answers about becoming pregnant and possibly posting a question of my own on this board. However I am sadden to see that what I find instead of a supportive and caring enivornment is an environment in which individuals insult, lash out and swear at those who are either posting questions or to those responding to questions. Instead of turning against each other, why do we not work together to make this website an inviting place for those who are looking for a place to turn too. Swearing and insulting people only adds further stress and accomplishes nothing. People who come on to this board should come with the notion of assisting with the website's goal of educatiing and supporting those dealing with pregnancy issues. The rule that some message boards have is that its participants treat one another with respect. The participants of this message board should remember that individuals are looking for advice and support, not insults and pursecution.


! - August 16

It depends on the person and the question. Something that really irritates me is when somebody says "I had s_x 2 days ago, I've done 3 tests and they're all negative. Am I pregnant?". I'm just so dumbfounded that there is so many people who are completely clueless about these things and they don't even bother to read leaflets. If I feel that way, I will tell them!


lidia - August 17

Don't let it irritate you. Either don't let it irritate you (you're in control of yourself, right?) or don't respond to it if you can't control the irritation. It sounds as if your problem is with the ignorance. There's little you can do to iliminate all the ignorance from the world. But you can help some. You know a good deal about this matter, you apparently like to discuss it. Which is great. But you are not helping the "ignorance problem" by lashing out: instead, people see your responses, decide not ask their own questions, and thus there are more ignorant people out there. It makes sense that not too many people out there are educated in this matter: most people know that s_x makes babies. Millions and millions of people out there don't know that there IS more to know than just that. When they start to get a sense of it, they come to places like this. Don't turn them away when come. Or else you're just promoting the very thing that irritates you.


* - August 17

I know how you feel. I did post a question on this thread and the only response I got didn't make me want to come back here. Honestly, there is a lot of info out there and I was hoping to find people here who could share their experiences with me. Instead, I got only one person who barely glanced at my question and responded without having any experience in the matter. It's quite a shame. I hope you don't let the rash replies of others taint the actual value of this place. Place your question and hopefully you'll get some positive and researched responses.



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