A Neg Result But Did I Test Too Early When DID I Quot O Quot

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lastchance - November 6

I think I ovulated on the 24th or 25th of November.... but honestly it could have been the 26th, because I still had that clear egg white mucus that everyone is talking about all the time.... since then it has been white... and plenty of it.... like lotion... but there is surly no lack of it even though my period is due on this Friday, November 9th. I took a pregnancy test today, result was negative... the first question is (since I have been feeling pregnant I am paranoid.) can I safely assume that I am not pregnant at this point? Question 2- WHEN WOULD I HAVE OVULATED - AND HOW LONG DOES THAT EGG WHITE STUFF LAST? Should there still be a lot of "lotion like" discharge soaking me (embarrassing) every day this close to my period?... ok, so thats more than 2 questions...


Grandpa Viv - November 6

You can't yet a__sume you are not pregnant, especially if you had s_x Oct 26th or shortly before. Fertile mucus occurs in the days leading up to ovulation. Lotion discharge of pregnancy could start a week after that. If you are normally dry at this time of month, then something is going on. Take a preg test first pee Sunday morning if a full-b__wn AF has not shown, and another test a week later to double check. Good luck!


lastchance - November 6

Oct 20,21,22, and 26th.... Well... Either way I can handle just wish I could know one way or the other... being in limbo is hard, especially when I really want to reach for a caffeinated beverage, and junk food... and I always stop myself...


kendra.marie - November 6

okay when is AF due? how long are your cycles. this will help everyone help you my last period was on sept 29th i ovulated twice last month(October 10th-11th & 18th) i got a BFP on October 29th 1 month after af. according to my second ovulation i got a bfp at 10 dpo. if you ovulated from the 24-26 you should get a bfp no later then 7-9(begin 14dpo) some where in this time frame if you have a 14 day LP. i would wait until Sunday like grandpa viv said if you haven't got your AF. to question two i had excess DISCHARGE lots of it 2 dpo. i knew i was pregnant & well i was thats a good sign but only if this is not normal for you; if this is normal for you then well lets see i dont know much but the lotion part is creamy discharge & this is usually a great sign of pregnancy good luck weather you want a BFP or BFN.


lastchance - November 6

I know that I want one... but since I my love does not want one, I have to hope for BFN... sigh... Ok... here are the stats (hehe like a foot ball game.) My cycles are on average 25 days, since August they have all but one (which was 26 days) been 25 days long. My last period was on October 15th, and I am due the next one on Friday November 9th... I don't think there is normally as much I have this time... (its normally inside unless I have s_xual contact of sorts.)


lastchance - November 7

(That last part referred to the... lotion like substance.. which I still have PLENTY OF and my AF ( i know that means period, but what do those letters stand for?) is due Friday... its already Wed! Wow! Wish I could figure out for sure when ovulation was...


lastchance - November 8

OK... I just want to be sure (but I think I know the answer) it IS TOO late for implantation bleeding, right? I have some brown, but only when I wipe, and only once this morning.I a__sume that my AF may be on her way for and early visit... ugg! That means my cycles, which have been regular are shifting! They were all 25 days, then last month 26, and this would make 24 days this month! "WTF?" (Sorry i am jjust frustrated with this fact...) I want them to stay regular... its easier that way. :(


kendra.marie - November 8

last chance- no its not to late for implantation it can take up to 2 weeks sometimes for some woman for implantation normal they say 5-10 dpos but it can go up to 2 weeks i believe maybe longer. so no its not to late for implantion or at least thats what ive read.


lastchance - November 8

Well.. its too late for me.... from what i can tell, my period seems to be hitting me full force... so i guess i FINALLY have my answer! Thank goodness, i really wanted an answer. I didn't care which one I got...



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