A Question For All Those Who Got A Bfp

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shalyn - June 25

Hello ladies....I wanted to know if any of you really felt like AF was coming before you got your bfp? Meaning...did you have cramping or spotting, etc? The reason I ask is because AF was due yesterday and never showed but I did have very mild off and on cramps. Today I have the same type of cramping but nothing else. This never happens to me...usually I get steady cramps for about 2 hours then she comes full force. I did have a small amount of brown cm once today when I wiped but that was hours ago and nothing since. I kinda feel like AF is coming, but it usually doesn't take this long at all. Your responses are really appreciated. Thanks!


tryingtoo - June 25

Shalyn, I have not gotten a bfp this month, but I do know that if you are one day late you might as well go ahead and test if you think there is a possiblity. the spotting right around your period time can sometimes be impantation bleeding, but not always and sure sign of pregnancy...just take a test. Good luck to you. Oh yeah and cramps are pretty normal in early pregnancy as well.


ashleyd - June 25

I just got my BFP on thursday...and yes, I felt like AF was coming, and in some ways, I still have mild cramping sensations...


Rhonda - June 25

Shayln,hey you know what,you could have implantation bleeding going on,and maybe just maybe you will get that bfp,after implantation bleeding.I know you have been getting bfn,but now you may get that bfp.test again in a day or two,girl.


shalyn - June 25

Thanks everyone for the responses. I'm gonna pick up some tests tomorrow and hopefully get an answer to this mystery. I'm still having these off and on cramps but no other signs of AF. This is so weird for me though.


Emma2 - June 25

Yes! The problem with most of us is we cant distinquish early pregnancy symptoms and PMS because they are identical due to progesterone!


Rhonda - June 25

Ya that is what sucks about it.You dont know to get excited or hold off on the excitement.


Lala - June 25

Yes, the af-type cramping that I had alot on 12 dpo is what promted me to test the evening I got my BFP. Now, I am 9 weeks. best to everyone!


LillyB - June 26

Hi Shalyn. I always knew exactly when AF would arrive because of the cramps that I would get. I also started cramping and thought AF was on her way and....nothing! I thought it was really strange because I never got cramps without AF. So, I took a test and Im now 9 weeks pregnant. I would suggest you do a pregnancy test in a few days time if AF still doesnt show up. As for the cm, it could be the start of AF, or it could be implantation bleeding, which is when the egg burrows into the wall of your uterus. I never had spotting or implantation bleeding but it does occur in many instances. Good luck and I hope I have helped a bit.


shalyn - June 26

Thanks ladies for the responses. I tested today and got a bfp!!! I took 3 tests from the dollar store and they all came out with faint positives but then they got stronger. I went to the docs and got a negative so they requested a blood test. Then I went and picked up a frer and got a positive, so I think the one at the doctors wasn't sensitive enough. I'm so excited I can't hardly believe it.


tiffani - June 26

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Will this be your first baby? Have you been trying for a long time?


sammykjo - June 26

Congrats shalyn!!


shalyn - June 26

Thanks ladie! yes, this will be my first baby and I started ttc this month so it was sort of a one shot deal. lol


ashleyd - June 26

aww, congrats! Same here, our first cycle TTC...good luck :)



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