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shelby3218 - November 21

Everyone can answer this. Well almost everyone!! How old are you now and how long have you been trying to concieve? I personally am 37 and have been trying to concieve with dh for 6months. Been off bc for 7 months.


trdnnclk - November 21

Hi im trudi im 29 DH 33, been ttc for 5yrs , i have PCOS and im on metformin and DH has a very low sperm count.


iNTAn - November 22

Hi...i'm the worse i thinkk... i'm 34, ttc abt 9 years.. my DH also has low sperm count..but i'm already late for one month.. hope this is my time... pray 4 me pls...!!


Macy - November 22

Hi, Im 26 and have been off the Pill for 5 cycles, but only started ttc this last cycle. So I'm still taking every little ache and pain as a sure sign of pregnancy. I'll probably calm down in the next few months. Trudi and iNTAn, good luck, it will happen for you too, just don't give up hope.


kelly607 - November 22

Hi, Im Kelly, I'm 27 years old and this is my first month of TTC for our 1st. iNTAn it sounds promising for you, have you tested yet as surely if you are 1 mth late it will show by now. What cd is everyone on?


trdnnclk - November 22

Im on 12dpo today, AF due in 3-4days time, have cramps since 7dpo i never get cramps till first day of flow, so not to sure whats going on.


kelly607 - November 22

oooh exciting not too much longer until you can test, i hope this is your month. I am so impatient probably a bit of a control freak and this is totally out of our hands!! I'm quite irregular so i am trying to work out when I O still had ewcm monday-wed so hoping i o'd yday or today which is cd14 however last month o'd cd23?!?


trdnnclk - November 22

Im hoping it's my month too, but im having cramps like AF is on her way i hate the 2ww. When do you think you are O'n as my cycles are long too. Do you chart?


kelly607 - November 22

well I think I O'd yesterday which means I should be on 5th Dec however if I'm the same as last month I shouldn't really O til 30th Nov and be on til 13th Dec. I'm confused however I have been keeping a track of my temps when I can remember so I should know by my temps tomorrow morning if I have O'd or not!!! AF Cramps can be very similar to the cramps you experience when you are pg so don't threat just yet. Apparently alot of the signs are similar to AF so good luck. Do you chart and how long are your cycles i used to be so regular every 31 days til i went on bc since I cam off a year ago I've been all over the place only just a proper AF this last month so am hoping that things are sorting themselves out!!!


Impatient - November 22

Hi everyone! Shelby, I'm glad you started this thread- I've read some of the other ones and so many of the girls seem to know each other so well, and I'm new to this. . . I didn't really know how to "jump in," but I really think this is a great support group for all of us that feel like we're a little insane- paying attention to every little thing our body does and getting excited about any little bit of cramping- I actually squealed in delight after gagging due to a bad smell yesterday. . . and I'm positive it was in my head. Anyway, my name is Windy, and I'm 26. I took birth control for three years and I've been off of it for two cycles. This is my first month ttc my first child. My first CD was October 26th and AF is due on November 28th (My cycle is 33 days). According to my temp. charting, I ovulated on Nov. 14 so I am currently 8dpo. I'm not noticing any major symptoms, but I am continuously praying for pregnancy- (I really want to tell my family at Christmas). Plus, my sister is in a year and a half long rehab and I only get to see her once every three months... so I'd really love to have some good news when I see her on Dec. 6. Oh, and good luck to everyone else- especially Trudi and iNTAn - I don't know how you've been trekking on without losing your minds- I'll be praying that everyone gets there BFPs just in time for Christmas!!!


kelly607 - November 23

Hi Windy, I was pleased to see this thread too as I felt like everyone knew each other and I was trying to b___t in where I could!!!! You look like you have got yourself all sorted as far as temping and O dates are concerned. I haven't a clue, I gave in to the temptation and bought an ovulation kit today however tested today cd16 and its neg. I have 7 so I will do one everyday until next friday fingers crossed I'll get a positive one. You haven't got too much longer until you test, GL I hope that you have some good news for Xmas and seeing your sis :o)


Macy - November 23

Hi, I'm on 6dpo and counting, very very very impatiently. Moods go up and down, one minute thinking I'm pg, next moment convinced I'm not. When discovered this site on Monday, everyone was new to me too. Keep 'b___ting' in (lol), everyone is here for support. You'll get to know all the names really fast. Baby dust to us all (I hear babydust does the trick!)


Impatient - November 23

Thanks Kelly! Oh, and you should try fertilityfriend.com if you're confused about any of the charting- you just enter your information, and they figure it out for you. I entered mine in last night and realized I was a couple of days off from when I thought I ovulated. No big deal, though- my DH and I did the baby dance enough around that date that I think I have a fighting chance. It does mean that I'm 11dpo today, which is further along than I thought. I don't know if that's necessarily a good thing since I'm still not experiencing any symptoms. And yes, Macy, baby dust to us all!


kelly607 - November 23

oooh 11dpo thats exciting, you could test with an early test if you wanted to lucky you and you've timed bd right. Thanks for the advice on using ff, I signed up for that about 6 months ago and they sent me all the emails but I since cannot get into my account for some reason!!! maybe if it doesn't work out for me this mth i'll have another go next month as u probably can't start charting half way thru can you? gl everybody hopefully wel all have some early xmas pressies x


kelly607 - November 23

oh and Macy GL also 6dpo you haven't got long now you will know a lot sooner than me if it helps!!!! I don't even know if I've O'd lol!!! Oh well we are all being tried and tested on our patience I think to see how patient we can be when we've got little ones!! :o)



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