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Rhonda - June 18

I am wondering how many dpo did you test in order to get a BFP.The more replys the better.


Lin - June 18

Well I haven't gotten that bfp yet, but in the eight or nine months I've been reading this site, I've seen one lone woman get a bfp at 6 dpo. I can't remember a single 7 dpo. There's probably a handful who got it at 8 dpo, a few more at 9 and 10 dpo and the marjority probably > 11 dpo. Of course, the board is probably skewed a bit to the 14-16 dpo side, because there are quite a few women on the board who wait until they're at least late to test.


Rhonda - June 18

Thanks Lin,My fiancee bought me a hpt and had me to take it,I dont know if it is bfp or bfn.I had him to look at it and not tell me the results b/c im to afraid of being disappointed,and by his reaction afterwards i think it is a bfn.Im at 9dpo.


Rhonda - June 18

bumpy bump.


JessicaC - June 18

Rhonda, from everything I have seen 9 dpo is too early. Generally, I have seen that you are supposed to test 14dpo for accurate results. Of course, I am not an expert! That is just what I have been reading. That is why I'm holding out, rather than seeing a negative prematurely. You don't have TOO much longer to wait though, *good luck*


Rhonda - June 18

JessicaC, Thanks for your reply,i really appreciate it.Hopefully you are right.And good luck to you.


Danielle26 - June 18

Rhonda, I got my BFP at 12 dpo. Good luck on yours!


huddie - June 18

danielle26 what were your symptoms?


Rhonda - June 18

Danielle26,Thank you maybe i tested to early,hemm maybe there is still hope.


snugglybugglys - June 19

I tested at 10 DPO and I think if it would have been any day earlier, it would have been BFP. It was clear, but very faint BFP. Good luck! :)


eilis - June 19

hi rhonda i got my first bfp at 15 dpo, i had a bfn at 10 dpo and then didn't test again until i was almost a week late. but my friend got her bfp at 9 dpo and is now 7 mths along with a boy.


Rhonda - June 19

Thank you snuggly bugglys and eilis.I appreciated your replys.



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