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julie - November 4

how many weeks would you have to be for your stomach to get hard. i think i may be seven weeks but my stomach is not hard yet. it is a little bigger but that may be because i am a fat hog and eat too much. can someone who knows the answer answer me please.


julie - November 4

oops i forgot to ask if your stomach feels hard even if you are fat. i am a fat person and this may be why my stomach doesn't feel hard yet.


Hi Julie - November 5

With my pregnancies my stomach started getting hard at about 3-4mths. I hope this helps.


hm - November 5

a fat person's stomach would not feel hard because there is so much excess fat there. maybe you should try doing some situps to to loose a little weight so you won't be an embara__sment to your child. Or better yet so you won't die of obesity and miss out on your child's life. i'm not trying to be mean, this is just my honest opinion.


wow hmmm - November 5

your a piece of work!! So a person with a little belly is an embarrasment to their children??? have you been stretched from pregnancy yet?? Because if you didn't know-it does stretch!!! Who how ignorance talks!!


Hi - November 5

I am ten weeks and my tummy below my belly b___ton is hard-I can feel it. I do have a pouch from my first pregnancy, but I can feel the difference than pre-pregnancy. Good luck to you!!!


Beth - November 5

Hm,I would be more embarrased and upset if my mother had a big mouth and was mean rather then being over weight, suppose thats my opinion though. Im not tryint to be mean either BUT giving MY honest opinion


Nissa - November 6

Plus, it wasn't like you're (hm's) opinion was even asked for concerning feelings on obesity. Some people are SO RUDE!!! Just better watch it, many women who aren't obese experience being heavier after a baby is born and just can't seem to get rid of it.....hope that's not you hmmmmmmmmmmm


in hm's defence - November 6

Julie didn't say she had a "little belly", she said she was a "fat hog". There is a difference there. I am not saying hm's comment was appropriate, but the person who wrote the comment after hm seems to have misinterpreted "fat hog" with "little belly" and they are clearly NOT the same thing. To answer Julie's question, if you have excess fat on the surface, it would be much more difficult to feel the hard stomach underneath. When you get bigger you will feel it, so just relax for now and enjoy your pregnancy!


bubbablues - November 6

i got a question- im waiting to hear from the doctors if im pg or not, but if i am i would be bout 6-7wks, my b___bs were sore but now there not, there bigger, my tummy seems round and a little bit harder? could i be pg? or is this to early to tell? from the hard tummy and roundness, im not a big person, im quit small but have a bit of fat on my tummy not alot that i cant feel if it hard or not. someone please help!!!!


annon - November 8

Hey bubbablues, have you heard anything yet? I noticed no one answered you!



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