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BrandiH - October 10

My mother told me this story tonight and I had to share it with all of you. When my mother got pregnant with me her mother had her period for the first time in years. So my mom was asking me tonight about my symptoms and asked about sore or full bbs and I told her that's about the only symptom I don't have and she said it was weird because he bbs have been feeling fuller lately. I guess we'll see if this mother daughter connection runs in my family soon. Does anyone else have weird stories like that?


wantbabyboy - October 10

my left nipple is hurting me


kelbabe - October 11

wow! thats so cool. could your mum be preggers?? if not, then it looks good!!


GimmeaBub - October 11

Hey hun, I have a story but it's not really in connection to that i suppose, well anyway here goes, i was telling a family friend that i was pregnant and i was scared because i wanted to make it through the first trimester, she looked at me puzzled,i told her that the first trimester was to me the most critical part. You know wot she said to me, 'I didnt have to worry about that i was 12 weeks when i found ou i was pregnant'. Ok seriously i never really thought you could have a period during pregnancy to me it seemed biologically impossible but not for her. But nope she did, she was on the pill and had what she thought was just irregular periods, she is 19, so when she went to the dr she complained of having caught maybe a virus or something cause had the runs and was sick for about a week, so they tested looked at her strangely and said 'nO DEAR, NOT A VIRUS YOUR 12 WEEKS PREGNANT'. So i suppose it is possible, so girls if you got your suspicions, go with it. I never thought it was possible but it is. I nearly hit the floor when i found that out. But she also told me she and her other half werent using protection for 3 years, Go figure. Baby Juice


BrandiH - October 11

No mom can't be pregnant, she had her tubes tied 17 years ago, and she was actually having problems a few months ago and the doctor said they were still tied. I've heard of women menstrating during pregnancy but I've always wondered how women don't realize it until months go by. I read about this one lady once that didn't know until she was giving birth. Of course she was a large women, but come on once the baby starts moving how do you not notice?


GimmeaBub - October 11

Yeah i read that ina magazine, one girl, just felt really crampy, and she collpased went to hospital an had a healthy baby boy, they reckon there were no signs, but apparantly she had a period too, i didnt even believe it until i heard it hey, it's crazy


BrandiH - October 11

Yeah it's crazy, could you imagine, it's hard enough when you aren't expecting and find out your pregnant, most people have at least 6 months to get used to the idea, could you imagine boom you have a baby and only have 6 hours to get used to the idea?


sarah21 - October 11

My mom swears she was having sympathy pregnancy pains. She had a hysterectomy 10 years ago, but when I got pregnant, she started getting morning sickness and everything again! Lol! I thought she was just weird.


Pearl - October 11

My mom says she had sympathy pains too! I'm sure it's just a mental thing...the desire to have another baby in the family, but she's known with all 3 of my children before I even got the positive test. I am 36w 5d with my third. I've heard of strange sympathy pains or symptoms. My husband told me I was pregnant with this one before I even thought to test. I guess it could be a good sign.



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