A Symptom Question Regarding Breasts

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Kelsey - February 1

Just wondering what type of difference you would notice in the way your br___ts feel in the couple of weeks after ovulation if you become pg. Not asking about the way they would feel as in pain or itching, but I mean the way they actually feel when you touch them. Firmer perhaps? or maybe the feeling of a large almost knot feeling thing? Hope I'm making some sense lol, let me know if need to try and explain this question again! :)


Kelsey - February 1

Bump- answer pretty please :)


kristie h - February 1

Hi i am 7.4 weeks and mine feel firm and more full. I hope i answerd your question right.


Kelsey - February 1

Did you notice any difference very early on, as in as early as 2 weeks? Mine just seem firmer, they don't really hurt, but I seem to notice a difference in their firmness.


socalmom - February 1

Mine don't feel different to the touch (i'm 6w5d) but I have big ones...but they are sensitive and heavy feeling. How many dpo are you? Have you tested yet?


Kelsey - February 1

I don't know how many dpo I am, due the fact that I haven't had a normal cycle yet following my d&c for polyp removal. I've just been having lots of symptoms so I'm hoping!! :) I have tested, bfn yesterday (but i did that one at night hehe, i know i should have waited) and a bfn on monday morning. I am going to buy an early one tomorrow, and test on monday morning i think.


unsure_90 - February 1

hi kelsey, thanks for asking coz i was wondering the same thing. mine feel firmer but they arent sore at all. strange. good luck with it!


Whisper - February 2

My b___sts feel a bit more firm, more full. They have less give to them when pressing with a finger than pre pregnancy. This is most noticeable on the sides, like on the outside facing where my arms are, and the undersides.. this is also where I experience the most pain and sensitivity. Nipples seem to have a different feeling as well, but its hard to explain. I guess they feel more soft and supple, and a bit swollen. Oh, and my b___sts are also bigger. This started fairly early on. I'm 6 weeks currently, and they just continue to grow.


fara - February 2

hi kels. usuali after o i get sore b___bs..but when i was preg,a few days before af was due,my b___bs hurt so bad i cud not wear a bra.they were v firm..swollen..



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