A Thankful BFP On Thanksgiving

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Molly - October 30

Hi all, AF just started for me so I am going into my 8th month of TTC. AF will be due again on Thanksgiving, so I am hoping this will be the perfect day to FINALLY get a BFP! Anyone else expecting a BFP around the same time?


amy p - October 30

molly i am here!!!! i am due on the 30th every month so have to wait and see????


molly - October 30

Hey Amy P! Well, maybe you could test on the 24th? I really hope November is our month! How long have you been TTC? I think we have gone through this together the last couple of months. :) I hope this is the last month for both of us.


amy p - October 30

yeah we have i think this is the second month you and i have met on the BFN side of things!!! well i have been ttc for 4 months not long, so i am hopeful...i have 2 boys already so cant really complain, god had bleeded me twice.


Jen - November 1

Hi all! AF is just ending for me, so I am expecting (or not expecting) AF around Thanksgiving too. I would love to wait with you guys and pray that this is the month that we finally get our miracle BFP!


Deb - November 1

I am expecting af Nov 20. Just had an HSG test done to have my tubes cleared. Hope it helps for this month!!! I would love to wait with you guys!


Nell - November 2

I am hoping I am 15th of November... i would love for a BFP to announce at Thanksgiving dinner!!!1dpo starting today.. the wait begins.....how are you guys holding up? This will be our 7th mth ttc.


Deb - November 2

Nell - This is our 7mth as well. I am going on vacation to the OuterBanks with my family the week of Thanksgiving and would love to announce it as well..but I am afraid that would be too early and might wait till xmas..if I am lucky this month. I am due the 20th.


molly - November 2

Deb-I am so confused, did you get a BFP?


krob - November 2

Hi Molly I also was on the Halloween thread yes and Deb did get a BFP but I think there is more than one on the boards Anyhow can I wait with you guys again. I would love to celebrate American Thanksgiving (I am Canadian) with a BFP I will be due about Nov 22 Nov 23 anyhow I booked an interview appotment witha doctor to just make sure nothing is wrong I had AF on the 31st and she has already mostly left any how good luck and I am still taking vitex but I am almost out of OPK so I am only going to use them about day 11-12 when I think I ovulate


amy p - November 2

so when is everyone due to ovulate? o think i am the 12-15...


molly - November 2

I think I am due to O the 7th-10th, but according to Deb's lunar calendar, I should O on the 16th. We are going to bd all of these days and see what happens. :)


krob - November 2

I will O on about Nov 11 I think day 12 of 24 day cycle


molly - November 2

Thanks for the update on Deb, Krob. Good luck to you this month! :)


Deb - November 2

This is a differnt Deb. I am not pregnant yet. I am hoping to get pregnant this month after I just had a HSG on Monday. I would know by the 15th of this month! I am due to ov this weekend. I just think it would be cool to be able to tell the family on xmas if I were to get a BFP this month!!!!


Nell - November 3

Hi Deb, it doesn't seem like such a long time yet at the same time it does... does that make sense? I figured I would get a BFP by now... then I found out that sometimes if you were on the Depo shot it can take up to 8 mths to a year to get it all out of your system.... I got off in February. My family is extremely fertile so I have decided that if I still haven't concieved by this month I am going to the doctor and see if perhaps the Depo is causing problems. I have now recently heard a lot of very bad things about the Depo. Funny how when I started it the DR a__sured me that it was completely healthy.


Deb - November 4

Hi Nell. When you want something so bad..1 month is long enough to wait. I totally understand. This is my 7mth ttc and getting very upset we have not yet. We just got done test where my blood work is great and so was his s____n a___lysis..so I guess now we just try a little more and see what happens. I was never on Depro so I dont know much about it! I was on the pill for 10 years and went off in Jan 05.



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