A Thread Of Those Who Are Ovulating

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kelbabe - January 2

hi girls, there are loads of thread for tester and dpo's so i thought id start one for the ovulating ladies!! im ovulating right now, using tests and its been pos for 2 days, so hopefully we will catch the eggy this month!!!


Doubleal - January 2

Hi, Kel....I am ovulating right now too...i started using a opk this month and got a darker line than the test line....i hope this works...lol....good luck to you!!!


kelsajo - January 2

well, once af actually starts i'll have 14 days or so that i'll ovulate. blah. upset that we missed this month but excited to start trying again. lol.


kelbabe - January 2

hey girls. my line has been darker than the test one for 3 days now!!!!,,,,,,,,,,double, we will be testing about the saame time then???


kelbabe - January 2

ok, so, today is meant to be my most fertile day, but we dont have the chance to bd, kids about all day, and he is working now. he wont be back till 5am. because we did bd last night, and if we do again tomoro, do you think theres a chance i could still fall??


lillybug - January 2

Hey girl! it feels like its been forever since i saw you posting, lol well I was supposed to ovulate this fri/sat but for some reason I got like another period yesterday and today. Its weird because I just had my period two weeks ago! this so sucks! I happy you are still trying to get preggo! I want to see a bnp soon!


kelbabe - January 3

hi ya. soeey didnt post yesterday, i could log on for some reason!!! are you sure if you af??


kelbabe - January 3

my post is a bit weird! i meant sorry i didnt post yesterday, i couldnt log on!!!


Doubleal - January 3

Hi girls.....kel, i have gotten 2 days where my line is darker than the test line...i think your chances of getting preggo are still very good....bfp's on the way!!!!....lilly, since we have been ttc my periods have been weird too....i was always 29 days no more no less....its weird....but having a period 2 weeks later....are you sure thats what it is?.....


mommyof3stepmommyof2 - January 3

Good morning ladies. My name is Teresa and dh and I have been ttc for two years now. I am on my 9th intrauterine insemination this month ( it happends tomorrow). I go today for my ultrasound to see how many eggs I have growing and to get the HCG trigger shot so i will soon be ovulating with in the next two days or so. Wish me luck as i wish all you luck in this upcoming tww.


mommyof3stepmommyof2 - January 3

well my u/s was good I only have one small follie on the right it was measuring 11mm and then i had one on the right that measured 32mm which the doctor thinks it could be holding more than one egg in it. So I will take my HCG shot tomorrow morning around 6am and then I will have the IUI done at 1pm tomorrow.


kelbabe - January 4

hi all. sorry again about not posting, i was on my laptop last night, and i cant log in when on it, weird!!...........double, i really hope it happens this month!!!........mommyof3stepmommyof2.......glad you u/s was good. wishing you loads of baby dust!!!!


Doubleal - January 4

Hello ladies....good luck mommy!!!!....i have a quick question...i have had alot of cm for 4 days now....i mean alot...very slimy when i wipe...sorry for tmi.....does anyone else have that...since we are all ovulating around the same time.....thanks


ruma - January 4

Hi everyone...I am new to this forum. Happy New year to all! I tested positive on the 2nd and had bd same night...did not have bd after that. Today had a very slight brown mucus. Is it too late to try again today...also not sure why the brown mucus?? This is my first try in using opk!!


kelbabe - January 5

hey double. some times i get loads of cm, sometimes i dont, so is hard to say im afraid.....ruma....welcome.....my most fertile day was also the 2nd, as for it being to late to bd now, i would have thought it would be, but you never know, so do it anyway....i actually tested positive for 3 days. x


mommyof3stepmommyof2 - January 5

Hello everyone I just ovulated yesterday and would like to join you all in the dreaded tww. Ruma some women spot when they ovulate that could be the reason for the brown discharge. I would keep bding until next week if I were you. A little about me: DH and I have been ttc for over 2 years now. We have had 12 IUI's 13 if you count the one yesterday, and this is our 4th month on clomid. I got the trigger shot this month which I havent had those as of yet. I have what they call cervical stenosis which means my cervical OS is to small for the sperm to penetrate to my uterus. Oh and we have a DD 13,DS10,DD9,DS5,and DS3. We are wanting a baby to unite our family into one. How about the rest of you? How long have you been ttc? And do you have children now?


kelbabe - January 5

hey mommy....and welcome to the board........my name is kel...funnily enough!!!........im 23, have been ttc for 7 months now. i have 2 girls, 3 and 18 months, really want a boy now!!!



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