A Week Late Neg Test And Horrible Cramping

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Elle - January 6

I am over a week late. I tested this morning and it was neg along with the blood test I had done a few weeks ago. I had light headed/ dizzyness, peeing only slightly more, eating a bit more, heartburn, back pain, and now I am a week late. I think it may be cause I went off the pill to take the preg test at the end of my cycle. But tonight I started to get really bad cramping right next to my lower hip on the right side. Someone said that it might be apendisitis, but I don't know if i am preg either. I really don't wanna be and didn't get worried until I was a week late. What should I do?


Sarah - January 6

If you havent already go to your dr it could be a pregnancy in your tubes i forget the real name


Crystle - January 6

I agree you should go to your dr. However, generally eptopic (tubal) pregnancies will show up on a pregnancy test. But there are many things it can be. Ovarian cysts are another thing that can cause severe cramping and delayed or missed periods. They are generally not seriouse and pa__s with the next cycle. But again thats another guess. I agree with Sarah that going to you dr. would probably be best.


Elle - January 6

I really hope it's just a cyst because i don't want to be a mother yet, but I hope to have a big family one day...just not today. Think it could be anything else?


bump - January 6



Bump! - January 6

Bump! More advice please!


Bump! - January 7



Sunny - January 7

Elle, my guess is that you're probably not pregnant. If you were on the pill and taking your doses regularly, then it's pretty darn unlikely. If you were pregnant, it would really be kind of early to be having all those symptoms- especially because your could just be having a bad case of PMS compounded by the fear of having an unwanted pregnancy. Your mind could be playing a nasty trick on you. If you tested negative after taking both a blood and a urine test, you should be in the clear. I would, however, try to see a doctor about the intensity of the cramps and the fact you just went off the pill (all kinds of odd things happen to your body when you go off the pill).


Grandpa Viv - January 7

Confusing. I guess you have laid off the pills for this month and are using alternate protection. You might take another couple of tests at one week intervals before starting the pills again once you are sure you are not pg. Suppose you are pregnant, further along than you think, but one of those folks who take forever to go positive, could the cramp that woke you up be one of the "stabbing pains" that goes along with stretching of the muscles that support the uterus - sometimes described as "behind the v____a". Just a thought. More factoids - ectopic pregnancy fails to give the normal rise in hCG as pregnancy progresses. Pain from ectopic pregnancy usually manifests around weeks 8-10. If you are still confused or in pain, another call to the doc would be better than forum opinions. Good luck.



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