Abdominal Pain On Right Side

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Sam - March 7

During ovulation I have had a slight pain on my right side. We have been ttc for about 8 months. Last night the pain was very intense I had to take tylenol to help it, I was wondering if this could be related to pregnancy?


Amy - March 8



tiffani - March 8

It could, but it in pregnancy, it's not a good sign to have intense pain. Maybe your tolerance for pain is low. I have period like cramps, but they aren't painful, just annoying. (i'm around 5 weeks pregnant)


Sam - March 9

I have a pretty high tolerance for pain I think. I get cramps during ovulation, but never like this


carol - March 9

yes, could be, but could also be cysts. I get them and that is were the pain is. It is usually very common for woman. Watch for other signs


dg - March 9

It hurts only when I push into my lower stomach do you think thats normal?


Leen - June 2

Oh, that could be appendicitis.


Miss JKay - June 2

Ive never had cramps except for last month they were only at night time on my right side... i was also wondering if it was pregnancy.. i only had it for 3/4 nights .. and havnt had it since but have had pregnancy symptoms... hope it is a sign!! good luck sam hope we are on the right track!! :)


L - June 6

You could easily have an ectopic pregnancy, which is a life-threatening condition. You should see your doctor immediately, and do a pregnancy test, which, if positive, could mean you might require surgery. I nearly bled to death with this condition, you should deal with it immediately.,


polly - June 6

can you have implantation bleed with an ectopic i really need this advice


To Carol - June 7

Did your stomach swell when you get cysts? The doctors say I have one, but my stomach is swollen big and I feel movement. I am not having any pain, just cramping.


Melissa - June 7

I am having af cramps too but not due until 8/9 days. Was focused on my right side too miss jkay, and now i just feel bloated and crampy..i usually get af cramps in my lower back and right before i start....like a few hours. Never this early..so..mmmm..im wondering. I work in an er and women come in to register for labor here and I asked this girl who is 8 months preg and she said her early symptoms were cramping.....we'll see!..Baby Dust to all!.... *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*


Melissa - June 8

Hi Everyone again....that pain on my right side was stronger yesterday..but died down..and I was really tired at work..that is just so out of character for me.My b___bs were a little sore last night but i wake up this morning and they feel fine. That little lingering crampy feeling is still there. I can't wait until i figure out what it is from. I go to the doctor tommorow so we'll seee.Baby Dust ~*~*~*lots~*~*~and~*~*~*lots~*~*~*


motherof20 - June 8

Do you know if your pregnant or not? I had been trying to conceive for 7 months - took a pregancy test when I was 2 days late and got a +++ 7 weeks later I had the most intense pain I have ever had in my life - it was an eptopic pregnancy. So if you know your pregnant and have pains call your doctor.


louise - June 8

sometimes ovulation can be painful, and if you watch a video of it happening you will see wh. if you can ride through the pain without drugs it should make it easier to fall pregnant as a___lgesia tends to dry up the cervical mucus a bit. best of luck


Michelle Bates - July 15

i have been having lower abdominal pain on my right side it hurts real bad. i took a pregnancy test yesterday which was july 14, 05 because my period is late it usually comes on the 10th of each month it came back negative.



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