Abnormal Uterine Bleeding Can I Get Pregnant

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Dionne - February 7

I have abnormal uterine bleeding. I've had EVERY test in the book done and the 2 dr's I've seen about it say it's a hormone imbalance and there's nothing they can do about it (except put me on hormone pills, but you can't be on them if you're ttc). They also say that I should be able to get pregnant, but the "environment" for the egg isn't ideal. I think I make this harder on myself because I worry too much!!!!! So as of right now I really don't have any symptoms and I'm spotting... but spotting is NOTHING new for me...unfortunately. Anyone else with abnormal uterine bleeding able to get pregnant? Good luck to all of you - I know what it is like to want to have a baby!


Dionne - February 10

Anyone? Anyone? please answer!!!


johanna - February 10

hi dionne-- haven't heard either way, but sending you LOTS of good luck. how long have you been ttc? baby dust!


Dionne - February 10

I've been with my husband for 6 years, we never used protection but he would always pull out (sorry! how else do i explain fully)... but now we've been actively trying for 6 months.


johanna - February 10

my husband and i are in the same boat. after we got married, we occasionally used condoms, but usually pulled out (we've been married 2 years, together for 7). the idea was: if we get pregnant, no problem. now we've been ttc for 4 months, and it is harder than it seems, isn't it? i wish you all the best!


Elle - February 12

Dionne - sounds like you and I are in similar situations. I haven't been diagnosed with AUB but literally the month my hubby and I started TTC, I started spotting three days before AF, then the next month it was 6, then it was 3 and I had a really short cycle. I have always been 27-28 days on the dot. Just had my annual exam and the doctor said that I can still get pg even with crazy spotting and whatnot. Have you had your progesterone tested? My dr. said that I can have that blood test on Day 21 of my cycle and if my progesterone is low, they'll give me supplements to boost my uterine lining. Try not to worry or lose hope. LOTS of women get pg under LOTS of different circ_mstances! Babydust! When is your next AF due? Mine is 2/21...


Dionne - February 12

Thanks for your response Elle. Yes every month I spot earlier and earlier. I have had this AUB condition for 4 years. This last month I did NOT have some sort of bleeding for only 12 days. I was on hormone pills but don't want to take them now in case I get pregnant. I just got my period this morning so... better luck next month, right. Good luck to you!


Elle - February 12

Is progesterone a possibility for you? That would seem to stop the early spotting and allow an egg to implant (at least that's how my dr. explained it to me).


Dionne - February 13

hi elle - my dr said i cannot be on any hormone while ttc??? are you on it while ttc? maybe he's wrong? i was on norethindrone - which is a form of progesterone - for a while... that seemed to help... but according to my dr. i had to go off it completely for a baby... what have you been told?


Elle - February 13

I'm not on anything yet, but that may be the next step if my spotting continues. My dr. said that she can put my on progesterone pills after I have ovulated and such pills can even continue through the first trimester. All it does is supplement your body's natural production of the hormone. Basically, I have to have a blood test on day 21 of my cycle to determine if my progesterone is lower than normal. If so, I'll take the supplements. Hope that helps!


Dionne - TO ELLE - February 15

Elle - can you let me know how you make out? i'd really appreciate it. email me here [email protected] thanks!



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