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sfasdf - August 31

i was just wondering if anyone has had an aboriton...if so, what did it feel like afterwards and how long were you unable to do exercise activity??


Candies - July 27

right after the process of abortion, the doctor will tell you to rest for a week because you're gonna be weak (like after giving birth) and abstinence for a month.....


waeljff - July 27

Please don't get an abortion...there is a baby {a human being} inside of you! God gave you a very precious gift..please don't throw that away..I beg you from a moms heart! I lost my baby....and would love to have another one...please don't get rid of your child.


brucen - July 28

To answer your exercise question: It depends on the type of abortion you get: Medical vs Surgical. The medical abortion consists of taking a few pills and exercise afterwards shouldn't be a problem. You should still consult your doctor about this. Medical abortions can be performed up to 49 days (7 weeks) of pregnancy. As for the surgical abortion Candies is right.


April - July 28

There are so many alternatives if you don’t want your baby like adoption.There are so many people who want children and can’t have them that would LOVE to have your baby. Check into adoption and see what your options are there are different kinds of adoptions!! Good luck!! Pray about it children are a blessing and the greatest gifts from god it’s the most beautiful thing in this world. How old are you?


sfasdf - July 29



sfasdf - July 29

also i dont know if i am pregnant...i took like 4 tests..one after my period started (which was way lighter then usual) and all were negative. i think i'm just freaking myself out


Amanda - July 29

If you have taken 4 tests already and all of them are negative, you are not likely to be pregnant, but it also needs to be done in a specific time manner. If you haven't even missed your period yet, it's way to soon to tell. I would wait until I was at least a week late before testing. If they're still neg. and you still don't have a period, you need to see your doctor..........p.s. If you are pregnant, from one mother to many others, there are so many other choices other than abortion. So many loving people cannot have children and would love to bring someone elses into their hearts.


sfasdf - July 29

i did have a period..it was just light but i dont ever have heavy periods. i took a test about three days after it started and it was neg. am i not pregnant then|???


cakes - July 31

I had an abortion 4 years ago, i regret it at times, but my ex was an abusive alcoholic, i didn't want to bring a child into that environment, i had the procedure done under general anesthia and i went to work the next day, i was given antibiotics and told not to have s_x for 6 weeks...


April - August 2

SFASDF, I think you freeking yourself out just go about your buisness and forget about it im sure your fine.if you keep scarying your self its not good on your body. But start using condoms or get on the pill.


Christina - August 26

My doctor advised me to not exercise or lift anything for 2 weeks. It wasn't the exercise that bothered me. It was my mind that I had an abortion. I'm still grieving after 3 weeks. Make sure the decision is right for you. For there is no turning back.


my opinion - August 30

I dont beleive in pro abortion, as there should never be a case where a woman has no reservations about killing their child, and people can not honestly commit to one standing of this argument, the fact is, most people who have been thru abortions have had that decision taken away from them, others felt they had to, not that they wanted to. I have no idea what it would be like faced with that dillema. I hate the fact that abortion is so readily available and some women just abuse it use and use it like it was a new form of birth control. That p__ses me off. Women that cant be bothered living the consequences of their actions because maybe they didn't want to use protection and fell pregnant, or having a baby just didn't fit in with their lifestyle. I hate the fact that the women that abuse this so called "right to choose" leave the ones who had a valid reason, in a very bad light. The fact is if there is a valid reason and serious issues in regards to aborting a pregnancy, then that is your choice, but the women who go to abortion clinics like its going out of fashion, I have no respect for, because why would you subject yourself to that, let alone kill your child.


unknown - August 30

don't have an abortion you have other options


savoor pt 2 - August 31

sfasdf, don't listen to these people. You have every right to make your OWN choice. Don't let them push you into not having an abortion. If they don't want to have one, they don't have to have one. It may be the only or best option for you. Do some research, talk to your doctor, and choose the best option for yourself. Don't let anyone push you into anything, including giving up a viable option, because even if abortion isn't right, it's still A right.


savoor pt 3 - August 31

And by the way, to all of you hypocrites judging Catie, just because Catie gave a clinical approach to explaining the abortions she's had, that doesn't mean that she is sick or considers them a walk in the park. You don't know the situation, so you don't know how she feels about it. I personally think it's refreshing to have someone explain exactly WHAT happens in a matter-of-fact, scientific approach, because nowadays that almost never happens. Instead we get all wrapped up in dogma and conviction. It is not YOUR job to instill conviction or dogma into somebody else, that's the WHOLE premise behind freedom of religion, letting everyone make up their OWN d__n minds. The best thing to do is to be neutral, to explain things in a scientific fashion WITHOUT bias, and let people make their OWN decisions about things, based on the clinical and scientific facts. Be a little bit more like Christ whom you worship and love so much. Stop judging people. Just maybe then you'll make it into heaven.


Jackie - September 14

i have had an abortion because i was only 17 and let me just say. i regret it so much. even now till this day about a year later i cant look at babies the same.. i have thought about it everyday since it has happened..i wouldnt advise getting one unless it was ABSOLUTLY necessary... it can really mess u up emotionally



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