Abortion Confused

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funks - November 2

i dont think my other is opening up.... can some one plz explain how does it actually work??do they stick a needle in u or do u go under knife?please help...


Cindy - November 2

They do not stick a needle in you nor do you go under the knife. They stick something like a coathanger up you and do it that way. You are awake for the whole thing and does not take all that long.


Krissy - November 2

Well, I had an abortion and I have to let anyone and everyone know that it's no joke. My boyfriend and I paid extra to have anesthia. However, I ended up being awake the whole time. It was a nightmare! They stick this vaccuum inside of you which sucks out the baby into a jar. Then, they grind the aborted fetus in something like a garbage disposal.


Lily - November 3

Cindy... I gues you were joking...but it's not funny.. funks - check out http://www.afterabortion.org/


sue - November 3

I aborted at 24 weeks. It was a horrible experience. The day before the procedure, they will insert something into your cervix to open it up a little, then they give the baby an injection through the abdomen. It is very sad when the baby stops moving- you will know when s/he dies. The next day they will usually give you local anestetic, although it doesn't seem to help much. They remove the thing from your cervix, go in and cut up the baby and vacuum it out. It is the WORST pain you will ever experience. Then they push on your abdomen to express the placenta and dispose of that too. You will leave wearing a diaper from all the bleeding and will bleed for a month. Your b___sts will get very large and will leak milk like crazy. These symptoms will go away in a couple of weeks. 4 years later I am trying to get pregnant, and I must admit that I am very worried that the abortion may have affected my ability to become pregnant. I do not regret it, though. I could NOT imagine having a baby with that man or in that point in my life. If it is a decision YOU make, and not something that you have done against your will, it shouldn't give you the horrible mental anguish that the pro-lifers say it will. It will always take a place in your heart, though, and is not something that can be erased or forgotten.


NT - November 3

It is not normal to abort as late as 24 wks. The symptoms Sue experienced were to the extreme for being so late in her pregnancy. Which I understand she propably had reason for doing what she did. Usually most places will only allow it up to 12 wks. I worked at a health unit and some women complained of heavy periods for up to 3 wks while others only lasted 4-5 days like thier normal period. You normally go to the clinic, they will start an I.V and then about an hour later they will start the procedure, which includes opening up the cervix, sc___ping out the uterus and like was said above they remove all contents including fetus with a vacc_m like device. I believe them when they say it is excruciating pain but I cannot speak from experience.



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