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Sharron - November 22

Well, I lost my virginity to my ex boyfriend. I am not probably a month or so along. I am not exactly sure what to do. He wants me to get an abortion and my beliefs on that is its wrong. If I dont do that he wants me to run away and not tell any parents involved. 'his future is at stake' He is in college and I dont know what to do. Should I call his parents and tell them whats goin on? My parents will kick me out when they find out. His will to. Help! oh I just turned 20 and hes turning 19 soon


to Sharron - November 22

I believe in keeping that baby!! It's a very precious, little innocent baby!! Abortion? Please do not decide to go thru with it. I always thought my parents would kick me out too when they found out i was preg.--they didn't, they weren't impressed at first, but when i had my son, there was no way they couldn't love him!! Your parents will be the most supportive. as for ur bf, he either has to support u in keeping this baby, otherwise kick him to the curb!! and yes i would tell his parents--after all they will be the grandparents---they might be very supportive with u and ur baby as well--even if their son doesn't want to be involved.


erin - November 22

hi sharron, sounds like a tough situation. i wouldn't rush into any major decisions...and any decision on this is a major one. abortion is not a solve-all answer so that your parents don't find out. it is much more complicated than that and it should be considered if you feel it's right but it should not be your answer to make this go away. you need to leave your boyfriend alone for a bit, and leave his parents out of it. you need to talk to your parents. sit down with them, figure out what you want, what they want, what you're all capable of contributing. after you decide what you want to do, then reintroduce your boyfriend into the mix and see where his head is at. i imagine right now he's freaking out and so are you. you both need to think rationally about this. both of your lives will be forever changed by the decision you make. and that includes the decision of abortion, believe me. good luck. if you need to talk, you can email me. [email protected]


??? - November 22

adoption...there are alot of loving familes looking to adopt. good luck


sharon - November 22

thank you guys. I just am so frustrated with him because we talked about this before it even happened. I am trying to get him to go w. me to the clinic but its all hard he goes to college 3 hours away. I do not want an abortion and If I did go for adoption I would want to be involved in the babies lives. Thanks for the help


bump - November 22



To Sharron - November 22

When I was around your age I found myself in a similar situation. I was in college as was my boyfriend, we were both living at home and though we thought we were being careful, I got pregnant. I didn't know what to do because I wasn't ready for it. And I knew all the age old stuff about not having s_x if you're not ready for the consequences, but this is not a perfect society and it rarely works that way. I did a lot of diliberation on telling my parents and I decided to tell my mother. She had a horrible reaction, of course she already knew. I don't know how but she said she could just tell. she wanted to know what I was going to do, but I was going to her for advice not with a solution. After everything was said and done my mother made an appointment for me at the clinic. I was numb. I didn't know either way but I was young and I knew I wasn't ready for this. I don't condone or condem abortion, at this point in my life it would not be an avenue I would consider. I am 10 years older, I have a college degree and a loving husband and we are trying to have a baby. However back then, it really was the right choice for me. And that is the most important question to ask yourself. What is the best choice for you, Sharron? I won't tell you that it was easy or that it wasn't heartbreaking, because it was. But at the same time, my small piece of the world seemed to open up. i made choices differently, I began to think before I acted and from that time forward my life has been about making a great future and becoming a better person. And remember no matter what you choose, there will be people who make you feel less than you are worth. But no matter what they say, you will only need to believe in yourself and have faith. Everyone else will follow.


bump - November 23

anyone else?


??????? - November 24




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