About Cervical Mucous And Veins

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Sandy - May 20

I have it all. My period is due in the next week or so and I have tons and tons of white lotiony discharge. Sometimes it is only found by way of finger check. But would I be having this so close to my expected period? I don't think I have before. Also I have veins all throughout my body. B--ts are a major one although it is mostly in my right br___t. Going through nipples, areolas, and stuff. But tests are negative. Who knows. My head is throbbing now so my guess is I am about to start. Good Luck to everyone trying to conceive. But please tell me: is mucous this heavy normal right before period? Thanks.


erica - May 20

What other symtoms are you having. I had alot of lotiony discharge, veins on b___bs. my nipples were more erect. I was sneezing alot in the morrning and very congested and I felt very hot in the morning and my temps were high at 98.3 and above. It felt like the flu. But quess what I'm pregnant I just found out on 4/4 I'm 7 weeks/


Stephanie - May 20

I have more noticable veins in my right b___b as well...I should be getting my af in the next two or three days and my CM is kind of lotiony...but I can only tell by a finger check as well. This whole month I have not had any "pantie wetness" like I have in other months. Also, my b___bs seem to hurt more than they do when my af comes, and feel a lot more heavy....who knows!!


Sandy - May 20

I don't know what to think. The headache I have now is just like the ones I get before my period and I started on the 24th last month. So could just be from that. I have been crying constantly. Very emotional. My guess is I will have my period because I have been disappointed before so trying not to get excited to quick. These veins are still weird for me. Never had them before. Could it be a hormonal imbalance that just appeared after 25 years of normal cycles? I am confused. Time will tell I guess.Good Luck to you all. Thanks.


Lynn - May 21

Anyone else have one b___st bigger and with more veins than the other?


yeah - May 22

yeah lynn my left is bigger then my right and it has alot more veins



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