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jimba - March 11

well i've read the quotes that people have been saying and i'm not to sure about this man as well,i mean anyone can make a site and anyone can read a medical book girls this is America and i have to say people do do alot of CAZY things


jackie brooks - March 11

ok jimba...if you dont like what grandpa says..you can also get the F..K out of here....get a life....you must be another one that likes to cause trouble for others...


jimba - March 11

okay jackie ok


???? - March 11

jimba=TATE=LISA....jeeeeeeeeez girl get on outta here


jj - March 11

A) anybody with the name grampa hello I would not take any female issues seriously especially pregnancy b) you all have to go to the dr. and get a real physican's advice c) pregnancy will come when it does stop taking hundreds of negative test you can't rush life


Liz - March 11

Jimba, it is true that "anyone" can read a medical book, but I really think that reading and researching is all that we or at least I am asking of others when I come on here and ask a question. I might have read a million different books, but sometimes it just helps to have someone else confirm my findings either from their own experience or their own research. How does reading a medical book make a person "crazy?" Wouldn't it just help the person become more informed?


Kim - March 11

What's your point? When did he ever claim to be a Doctor. If he read a medical book or looked on the Internet for information to help women looking for advice out, what's the difference? You sound a little crazy yourself if you have a problem with someone offering solicited advice. Regardless of what is said, you should always confirm with your Doctor in person.


SS - March 11

jimba, this is the INTERNET. Not church. You can meet uo with some "scary" people. Shocker huh? Why do you care? Move on. The man can't hurt you through the key board. He seems nice enough to me. And again..WHO CARES? GEEZ, let go already. Dumb a__s.


emily - March 12

I think i´d be worried if he started giving false links and silly advice, but so far he´s just linked to valid sites with good info and has also only given opinions / advice from other sites, so there´s no problem really!!! If you yourself don´t know if you´re pregnant, how´s he going to know? I can understand people being cautious, but I really don´t feel any need to on this particular forum. Chill out people!


friend - March 14

Girls, at the end of my post is a link to Grandpa Viv's website - heck, there are even pictures of him and his family on there. Leave the man alone. He is as helpful (if not more so) as all the ladies on this site and has helped me out plenty! Checkout his website. To snub Grandpa Viv is to snub any of the people that have ever answered your posts - and to trust their information or advice. It's just a help forum - not a doctors' room. We're here to help each other and to advise and to give each other a lift. No doctors needed. I feel sorry for those of you who feel they have to come onto this site simply to cause trouble for others - who are only trying to do good. Grandpa Viv - you do a great job. He's probably the only stable one on here amidst this hormonal hell! (that was a joke - not a jab.....sigh) here's the link : http://users.adelphia.net/~graveslane


^^^^^^^ - March 14

Now look at what you've done - Grandpa Viv will post under a different name - so we won't even know who he is. That's mean of you girls who started all this. He was jus being himself and tryna help. Not many people out there have the time or inclination to even bother to help others but Grandpa Viv always helped. Nasty people to come in here and mess that up. Not nice.


Candee - March 14

Short Chick - to clear up about Viv - I was around 6 months ago too. Viv was Grandpa Viv - everyone a__sumed he was a female and that is why he changed his name to Grandpa Viv.



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