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Emma - March 28

Well I have not had a period in almot 8 weeks,. And have had very faint BFP and BFN so dont know what to think about that. Anyhow...about a week or so after ovulation in Jan I started to spot for 2 days very light kinda brown, then about a week after that I thought i had started I went to the bathroom and it was this very watery discharge, Then I had nothing but think CM for weeks, then the past 3 weeks about every 5 days I start to spot again but its only when I wipe and it only happens once then it dont do it again for another 5 or 6 days , I dont even need a panty liner cuz its just 1 time when I go to the bathroom I think im starting then the next time I go there is nothing.....I am so confused I had a blood test done and it was less then 2...I dont understand whats going on I have all kinds of signs I wont go in to cuz we all know them, But does anyone have any ideas what could be going on here,.....G.V if your out there can you give me some insight as well....thanks, Also I noticed last night that I have clear discharge from my nipples


Amy - March 28

Sounds like you might be preggo are you overweight by chance


Emma - March 28

Yes in fact I am, why do you ask?????


kat - March 28

maybe you should go back to your docs.........have you recently stopped birth control pill?


Tajli - March 28

Wow,,,I thought I was the only one. I am going thru the same thing also but always getting BFN. I had a load of white odorless creamy discharge before af and my mouth was bitter the day I was expecting it. Af finally came 8 days late and it was dark brown so much lighter than usual and lasted 3 days instead of 5. Since then I have been bloated and have periode_like cramps. I have so much more v____al lubrication that looks like fertile cm kind of like egg white and stetchy. I also have this clear odorless watery discharge all the time and light headed from time to time. I am so stressed because I do not know exactly what is going on. It has been 8 weeks since I had a normal period. I beleive that HPT should have pick up the hormone by then. I will wait and see if I am going to have af next month.


Emma - March 28

No I have not been on BC for 2 years..... Tajli, sounds alot like me ..keep me posted on eveything wishing you the best


JRB - March 28

Tajli, I have the same problem that you do. I had all the symptoms, and was due for af on the 18th. Never came until the 25th, but it was mostly brown with some red and lasted long enough to go through one tampon. Now I still have the bitter taste and my b___sts ache, and have occasional cramps, lots of cm, also light headed. It is going to suck to have to wait until symptoms get worse, or until time for next visit from af flow!! :-(


layla - March 29

I think what Ema was getting at was that most overweight women take longer to get BFP's 'cause the hcg hormome gets absorbed by the fat cells.


layla - March 29

...cont. Sorry Emma, I meant what Amy was getting at.


val - March 29

oh my god i thought i was alone on this one but i've been feeling a little of everything. and i'm afraid to find out that i am pregnant. do these symptoms mean i am or i'm not???????



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