About To Miss Second Period Temps Still Rising

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c - February 9

Hi everyone does anyone know what this could mean??? My normal temperature before ovulation is around 96.7degrees....for the last month temps have been in the high 97's for the past couple of days my temp has risen to the 98.4 mark....Could this be a sign that I may be pregnant??? I am due for my second period tomorrow....but by the looks of my chart I would say its not coming....Just wondering if my temps weren't high enough last month to produce enough hcg to show up on a urine test.....somebody please help I am so confused!!!


bump - February 9



help - February 9



hello???? - February 9

somebody anybody??????????????


joni - February 10

it is possiable you just missed a period. i myself were 10 days later last month and temp was still high and stayed high even after my period. we are talking 98.5-99.2 which i usually am in the 97 range so it is possible that it just happens well i hope im wrong and you get bfp soon. i hope this help you. ***BABY DUST***


midwifery_natalie - February 12

right, temperature etc doesnt show hcg. hcg is a hrmone prduced by a fertilized faoetus. which is why it will nnot show up if you are nt pregnant unless the test is faulty. if you have missed two periods and your basal body tep is that high, id suggest a test and a visit to the gp


Take a test - February 12

Why don't you take a test again?


c - February 12

Hi everyone....I have an appt. on the 15th...still no sign of af so I don't know what to think....I would take another test but don't wanna waste the money on a negative result...I guess I'm just scared of the disapointment and then realizing "why the hell did I waste my money???" Anyways I have taken HPT's before and they were coming up negative .....usually when that happens I get my af within a day or two becuz the stress is relieved...but however that didn't happen this time....Any idea's what could be causing me to be so late??? Or is it so blindly oblivious to everyone but me?????



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