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help - October 5

These past couple of months my period has been very irregular - due to large amounts of stress. My doc put me on the pill for a month to regulate me since i was getting shorter and shorter cycles - the only problem is i have NO idea what my cycle is anymore. The last "normal" period i got was for seven days around august 14th - then i spotted for 5 days the first week of september and then again for three days (while still on the pill) around sept 16th and then nothing since. I have had s_x pretty much every week. This past weekend I wasnt smart about it and had unprotected s_x on sunday. Since monday i have had this egg white consistency discharge and today i had a huge glump of it come out. i am not sure what to think. i have been sleeping a lot the past couple of days - could this be my period about to come on - even though i am not sure what day to follow by - or was i ovulating?


Kenzi - October 6

I would say that you were ovulating, the EWCM is usually present when you are about to/have released an egg.


help - October 6

thanks kenzi. we'll see what happens. i am not looking to get pregnant - in all honesty my cycle being so messed up i was guessing i was closer to my period - because i am sleeping all the time and have these mild aches in my lower abdomen.


help - October 10

i wondering if any women out there have felt this way - i still havent gotten my period and my CM is skant - but still kinda around. I am not sure what day to follow - if i follow the most recent three days of a light period i had last month - day 28 will be tomorrow .... the past week i have been sleeping 8 hr nights and still wanting to take naps around the same time each afternoon. i have had headaches, my body aches like it's sick, i have had mild lower middle cramps and my nipples hurt a lot. is this impending menstruation or could i be? i took a pg test last night and it was negative .... not sure what to do or think...any help would be appreciated


bean - October 10

to help - many women don't get their bfp's until after they miss their af. Sounds like you're due for af tomorrow - so I'm crossing my fingers for you that everythings works out (whichever way you prefer it to). Make sure you take a test with fmu (first morning urine) which is much more concentrated than evening or rest of the day urine. As for being more tired, the mild cramps, and sore nipples, all of those could be signs of pg. They could also be signs of af... so unfortunately all you can do is wait. Good luck!


help - October 12

i honestly feel like i am losing my ever loving mind. if i did in fact ovulate last week then it means i have to wait another week to test in order to get an accurate reading. i am so tired. i sleep anywhere between 8-10 hrs a night and i still need a nap in the afternoons. my body aches - i wake up in the middle of the night to pee which i never do - and i have back pains in throughout the night. i have had mild cramps for the past week and then a stronger one yesterday - but no af. could i just be sick?



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