Acid Reflux Or Pregnancy Nausea

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Jenny - February 28

The other night while sleeping, I woke up coughing very bad. I felt liquid come up like I was going to puke. It only came up a bit and when it went back down, some went down the wrong pipe. It tasted like acid or something. My hubby woke up to see if I was okay, and I was half asleep to I just nodded and went back to bed. Ever since then, it has been happening more often. I don't go to sleep on a very full stomache, so what could this be? Is this the nausea during pregnancy, Im 8weeks and 1 day pregnant.


SugarPie - February 28

The worst isn't it? Especially when it burns the hell out of your esophogus(sp?) I've noticed that I didn't have that in the beginning as much as towards the third month of pregnancy. Who knows why. Know you aren't alone. When that happens drink something carbonated. It's the only thing that will help heal the burning sensations quicker for me.****


jenny - February 28

Glad to hear that Im not alone, my poor hubby I must of scared the c___ppers out of him LOL! I sure hope it gets better as the months progress. Thanks!


~m~ - March 1

jenny, I feel for you girlfriend. It kindof sneaks up on you. When I was pregnant with my first child, I was going somewhere with my best friend, driving along talking and all of a sudden I RALPHED in the floor board of her new Tahoe! Bless her heart, she was so sweet about it. She even cleaned it up so it wouldn't make me sicker. But it just came out of nowhere. And when I was pregnant with my 2nd child, I was in LOVE with Burger King onion rings. But every single time I ate them, it was like heartburn and onion wet burps from hell!! But they were so good. It was like choosing the lesser of 2 evils .... punishment by onion ring.... or banishing myself from Burger King. I chose the latter! I hope everything gets better for you sweetie! Good luck! And tell hubby to hang on to his c___ppers, it's normal, and it should pa__s. LOL



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