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Christina - March 31

My doctor also asked me if I had been having a lot of clear wet mucus lately and I told her yes and the she preceded to ask me the symptoms of bacterial vaginosis. I know that I don't have that. All of the symtoms I have been having had started about the same time. I have sore bbs, which I normally get before a period but it feels different now, some morning sickness, runny nose, I have been going potty more often( both #1 & 2 sorry TMI), I have had some very weird changes in my tastes(I love chocolate and sweets and hate spicy food normally , but now it has totally swiched), I can smell everything now, I am constantly feeling bloated, my veins have appeared everywhereand the biggest one is I am now about 4 weeks late. I am begaining to think that it is all in my head, and am starting to accept the fact that I am not Preggo. I f I am not I wish that my af would come so that we could get on with ttc.


D - March 31

I've seen figures that 15-30% of pregnant women are diagnosed with bacterial vaginosis. It is not an STD, it is only linked to s_xual activity (in other words, increased s_xual activity and multiple partners increases the chances of a woman getting it) - however, women who are completely s_xually inactive have been diagnosed with BV. Since BV is simply an imbalance of the bacteria that are normally found in the v____a, it isn't impossible that any one of us could develop it at any time. I don't think that the discussion your doctor had with you on BV necessarily means that you aren't pregnant. It is a concern if you are, since BV is linked to preterm labor. I think it sounds like you need to get a second opinion. If you are normally pretty regular, 4 weeks late is something to get checked out! Your doctor has given you a pretty long list of maybes! If I were you, I'd want less maybes and more answers! As for your family mentioned in your other question, my mother was very quick to inform us that she didn't want grandchildren at all. She has told us this numerous times over the 9 years we've been married, and even cornered my husband and talked to him about it. It made me really scared to tell her I'm pregnant. So, one night after I was asleep, my husband called and told her... guess what! She's excited! I wasn't expecting that.... while a friend of mine was pregnant, she was told repeatedly by her grandmother who raised her that she refused to love the baby ever.... well, the moment he was born, guess what! She doted on him.... things might turn out better than you fear. If you do have some of the things your doctor has mentioned, this may be the best time for you to have children, as it may become harder and harder to conceive. I hope things get better for you - keep us updated!


Wendy - March 31

I totally feel your pain. I am in almost the same place - same symptoms and went for a blood test after 4 weeks and it came back neg - now I think I'm going crazy and imagining symptoms



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