Additional Information RE OPKs Use As HPTs

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ambie - October 11

Please see the following link for additional information:


aish - October 11

can u send the link again ,cant see anything


ambie - October 11

Sorry about that. Let me try again: It may be that you need to type the link in your address bar.


ambie - October 11

There should be no dash after "bellaonline".


aish - October 11

thanx ...good info ,may be i will try this


to ambie...from crazy lady - October 11

thank you so much for posting this and supporting what i have written before, i know that her article is one that i have read when i researched all of this...there are many sceptics on this site, however i NEVER told anyone that it for sure works, but in my case it did. thanks for posting this, maybe then it will let others know that i am not in fact CRAZY lol...good luck to you, and again thank you so much for this post :o)!


?? - October 11

Ambie + crazy lady have we been here before, or are we entering the twilight zone?????


to ?? - October 11

u must be entering the twighlight zone coz u got the wrong person i am r and and i didnt even post that so jokes on u ive moved on from that little fight maybe u r obseesing over it. oh by the way whom am i speking to tweedle dum or dee


?????? - October 11

I see that post got a poor taste! Sorry I thought this was Ambie or Crazy Lady, nobody mentioned R ? Or you once again re-incarnated?


What?? - October 11

R I thought you were already pregnant, last month you posted away with your signs and how you tested positive with opk then hpt?? What happened?


holy - October 11

it is R, thatbigtrack and so on...and so on....


maggie - October 12

I also remember, I thought you were pregnant? What happened...early m/c...if so sorry.


r - October 12

no it wasnt me writing that nonsense it was a joke by somebody annoying me my name isnt ambie i didnt write this post i just looked coz i was interested to find some1 who found the same info as me i have never been pregnant wish i was though maybe this month is the month


???? - October 12

I was answering to the lady who posted the statement (ambie)not R ,but as she obviously forgets who she is and answers regardless .There is nowhere on this post that states r wrote the original , and yet she gets personal about it (again) and thinks it's addressed to her. I really hope you get pregnant this month and move on this forum has been very peaceful without you.


to ??? - October 12

pardon the staement which say that ambie is r is quite simple its there on this board!!!


????????????????????? - October 12

The original post was written by ambie, R herself has replied to the post oct 12th 5.51 and states it is not her ( will all know it is) .


r - October 12

yes i know then somebody tried to say i was ambie read up



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