Adjusting Temps When Charting

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snickelfritz - February 2

I have a few days of open circle temps. They were all fairly close (within 90 minutes) of my normal temp time. I just realized that if I use the temp adjuster, I get a clearer O date. Do you think I should adjust them or leave them? If I leave them as open temps, my chart looks like this: tinypicDOTcom/4991abm.jpg If I adjust them, my chart looks like this: tinypicDOTcom/4824xtv.jpg Which do you think is more accurate?


stefkay - February 2

snickelfritz, where is the temp adjuster in FF? I've never used it before, but in case i need to.


frozenfeet - February 2

it's so hard to say because you've got so many + opk's and ferning all over the place, I'm more apt to say that you O'ed on CD 15 or 16, I think that the shift in temps is the most accurate when detecting O - hopes this helps a bit. By the way, have you ever seen a doctor about why you are always getting fertile signs throughout your cycle? Just curious.


ursula - February 2

from what I understand you should leave your temps where they are at...even if they are off b/c that could just be your pattern... but I'm no pro... just my humble opinion. Baby Dust to you!!!


Laceyandsamsmamma - February 3

hey stefkay the temp adj. is under the data b___ton on the right side


BrendaW - February 4

Is the temp adjuster, where if you get up early and take your temp, then take it again at the normal time it tells you what your temp should have been? If that is what it is I would use the temp adjuster.


BrendaW - February 4

Snickel fritz, it looks like you could have O'd around cd 7 or cd 14 but cd 7 would put you at 18 dpo today? 14 would put you at 11 dpo. I dont think there is too much of a difference in your charts that you would need to adjust them any ways. best of luck to you i am really rooting for you.


snickelfritz - February 5

Thanks for your responses. My RE attached a post it note to a memo I got in the mail on Saturday. It said that my progesterone levels on cd 21 were "perfect" for 7dpo. So does that mean I *did* O on cd 14? My fertility friend chart can be found at /home/55db1


BrendaW - February 5

That is what it sounds like Snicklefritz and from your chart i would say it would be a safe a__sumption. That is my opinion. GooD Luck!


snickelfritz - February 5

But my two charting softwares seem to think I O'd on cd 19. This cycle has just confused me more than any other cycle I've ever had! I think my travel starting on cd 14 threw everything off!



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