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Benevolent - January 24

I could use some..Hello everyone I just have a few questions. Ok here is my situation. I had unprotected s_x with my partner on sunday 1/14. I felt my period comming..I knew it was. But I didnt recieve it. I havent had a period since november (the only time ive ever skipped one) but there was no possible way I could be pregnant (wasnt even s_xually active at that time). On friday morning 1/19 I woke up to what I thought was my period but instead it was this brownish spotting (just 2 spots) and when I wiped it was pinkish. This continued on through saturday til mid sunday associated with very very very light cramps. I did a little research and found out that this could be what is called "implantation bleeding". So I took 2 pregnancy test. One the other night and one yesterday morning. Both negative...And still no period. So my question is, could I be pregnant? Is it too early for me to start testing? And if so when should I start testing again?..ALSO...Whats the earliest time a woman might have morning sickness????This morning around 2am I had an urge to puke, but before that I was feeling perfectly fine..but ive been feeling nauseated all day..and just did a little vomit number a few minutes ago..i spoke to some women who said they started "feeling" pregnant almost immediatley..advice would be greatly appreciated!


Whisper - January 24

It is possible, and it is also possible that it is too soon to test. I would wait a few days and test again around 2 weeks after the time you suspect you got preggo, or on about the 28th. If negative, wait a few more days and test again. If still worried about it at that point, go to a doc and find out what is causing your symptoms ***** As for spotting, it can vary between women. some don't even experience or notice it at all. I had spotting, but it only lasted around 3-4 hours and was barely noticeable at all, just a light brown tint. ***** I don't know about everyone, but my own morning sickness kicked in today, and I'm estimating that I'm right at about 5 weeks. I won't know for sure till I get to go see my doc, tho. At the very most it would be 6 weeks, but I doubt I'm that far yet because my cycles always run a bit long. ***** The most important thing to keep in mind is that every woman and every pregnancy is different, and there really is no textbook answer when it comes to symptoms and when & how they appear. You know your body more than anyone, and if your gut is telling you something is going on, its worth looking into. ***** Hope this helps. GL in getting the answer you hope for!



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