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Benevolent - January 31

mY last AF was around november 15th or so...I skipped december(stress..The first time I ever had skipped one)..No period this month...Had bd with my partner on 1/14...I felt period comming on that week..Nothing!!!... Heres a brief overlook of the events thats been going on with my body... 1/15-1/19-nothing!!! 1/19-light brownish sporadic spotting..And pinkish when I wiped(weird painless cramps) 1/20-continued spotting-and weird cramps. 1/21-took first hpt..Bfn!!(first response) 1/22-took 2nd hpt bfn!!(first response) 1/23-nausea started & continues.. 1/24-started coughing/stuffy nose 1/25-began getting sooooooooooo tired!! 1/26-felt like c__p..Nausea..Headaches started!!..Stuffy nose..(felt like a cold) 1/27-had a few sharp back pains (spotting stopped) 1/28-peeing like a horse every friggin 2 mins..Went potting around 15 times between 12:30 am and 3am. 1/29-still peeing like a racehorse...Funky type cramps..Really thirsty..Hungry!!!..Took one dollar tree hpt..Bfn...And just took an e.P.T...Bfn!!!.... Jeeez..What the flip is going on? All these "symptoms are too much of a coincidence..Help..Advice..Something please!???! 1/30-weird pulling type cramp in my lower abdomen. BFN!! Im not crazy..i know something is going on with my body..ive never had ANY of these symptoms before..especially in this order..its killing me not my heart i will be bringing a child into this world quite soon...but these hpts..tell me something different.


time4more - January 31

I am in a very similar situation....and I am not pregnant...i am being tested for PCOS (polycystic ovaries)...there are many things that can mimic preg symptoms...cysts, and thyroid issues are should definitely call your obgyn for a blood beta hcg quant_tative test next week if nothing happens by then! Good luck... i hope you get the result you are lookingfor! ;o)



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