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Rouma - November 14

I did IVF waiting for the results ..... 2ww....too long time...but i have no signs tell that i could be pregnant, i'm affraid........i have no ability to re-do it did anyone underwent the IVF to give me advice


ROBYN - November 14

Rouma - i am 24 weeks pregnant we did IVF. The symptoms i had after the transfer were some mild cramping more than likely related to the procedure we did a Frozen Embryo Transfer this time our 1st time in November we did get pregnant but unfortunately at 14 1/2 weeks had to terminate the pregnancy we had no amniotic fluid. We used the frozen blastocysts from Novembers cycle for this cycle in mid-June we conceived. I did a pregnancy test 4 days after the transfer since we didnt use any hcg injections and got a bfp. The day before the bfp i did get intense cramping for quite a while and some pains near my belly b___ton. But its extremely normal to not get any symptoms whatsoever. How many days has it been since the transfer and did you to do an HCG injection?


jamers - November 14

I hope this isn't a stupid question, but how much does this cost approximately? Does insurance cover any of it at all?


ROBYN - November 14

Jamers - not its not a stupid question actually a very common question i dont mind talking about it because its interesting to see how many people actually get coverage and how many dont. We had to pay completey out of pocket. The average IVF is about 12 thousand dollars that might include meds that might not. Meds run about 3 thousand a month. We did what was called a Shared Risk program which gave us 6 IVF cycles for one price not including meds and if we didnt conceive within 6 cycle 70% of your money was refunded. We put up 24 thousand up front we had 2 sucessful cycles but if you read my previous post my 1st IVF had to terminate the pregnancy. But now i am 24 weeks pregnant from the 2nd IVF so the program paid for itself. Its very expensive and if you get insurance that covers any part of it you are very very lucky.



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