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Alex - March 2

Ok, I know that you have heard this story hundreds of times before, so I guess I am just looking for someone to either re-assure me or tell me that I am nuts!! Can anyone tell me if my timing is wrong. My last af was on Jan 30/05 I am on a 30 day cycle and thought that I ovulvated on the 14th or 15th, I should have gotten my af yesterday, but it didn't show, so I took a first response preg test last night and it came back negative (disappointingly) later last evening I went to the BR and when I wiped there was some pinkish stuff on the paper and nothing since??? This is pretty unusual since my period is predictable, every 30 days, (sorry if TMI) it starts with a brownish discharge, goes to red and then back to brown and only last for about 3 - 4 days. I also have really light periods. Does anyone think there could still be a possibility that I am pregnant???


Belle - March 2

There is a possibility, wait a week and then test. I know its difficult. Good luck! You could also have ovulated between days 14-16 or 15-16.


alex - March 2

thank you Belle, on the 14th of feb, I felt a fluttering feeling in my abdomin and had alot of CM going from clear to thick a few days before, other than this I can't be sure that this is the exact day that I O'd but my hubbie and I had intercourse four four days in a row from the 11th to the 14th and even if I O'd on the 15th, having intercourse on the 14th (at night) should have still be good???? Anyone have an thoughts???


alex - March 2

Grandpa Viv, can you help me with this please????


Grandpa Viv - March 2

Your timing was great! The day before O is the best. You do not list any early signs of pregnancy, and some women have none. Your pink wipe is similar to other posts on implantation spotting. Maybe implantation is taking its own sweet time, and that is why you do not have any early signs to talk about yet. Good Luck!


alex - March 2

Thanks so much Grandpa Viv, I have had some symptoms, but wasn't sure if they have all been in my head. I've been bloated and cramps, some headaches and REALLY cranky (according to my husband) and very slight nausea, yet want to eat everything in the fridge! But then these things could probably be explained away, so I wasn't sure. Should I wait another week (A WHOLE WEEK!!) to test again if I don't get af???? and if I do, since I am over 30 and my hubbie and I have been trying for seven months now, do you think I should see my Doctor?? Or can it usually take longer to conceive???


alex - March 2

BTW - this will be my first pregnancy. Not sure if that makes a difference.


bump - March 2




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