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Kellie - October 11

i get the odd period pain and my period isnt due. i spent a few days last week feelin sick but not being sick and have been so tired all i have wanted to do is sleep. i wake up in the night and i am going to the loo all the time sometimes not long after i have just been. i have lost my apet_te and i get a bit light headed now and again. i wouldnt know if i was pregnant as i didnt atke a break from the pill the last two months as i was on holiday for both due dates and didnt want to ruin my hols. please could someone tell me if they think i could be pregnant im 19 and dont want to talk to my family about it they have joked about my belly gettin rounder. any advice at all would be greatly appreciated. thankyou!


Emily - October 11

It is possible to get preg while on the pill and your symtems are similar to mine when I was preg. I would take a home preg test or talk to your doc.


to kellie - October 11

Time to take a test girl, you sound preggos to me too!!!! Best of luck!!!!


kellie - October 11

thanks emily. i guess il test tomorow ten. i no i shudnt really be excited as im still young but i am a bit!


to kellie - October 11

I am sure you will make a GREAT mom. I regret not keeping my baby when i was your age, thinking i was too young. I know it would have taken alot of sacrafice, but now im in my late 30's and long to have children. Life is what we make of it....if you are, i am sure you will do the best thing!


kellie - October 12

thanks evryone im goin to test tomorrow. your all so lovely il keep you updates.


steph - October 18

kellie , don't listen to that last comment. ppl can be so uncareing. I'm 19 too. and still don't know if i'm prego. I'm 15 days late and 4 neg. test. I'm going to go have a blood test next week. what really makes me think i'm prego besides the missed period is my b___st are so full and heavy and my nipples are always pointing and never go alway, my nipples are also sore, I believe i'm also getting stretch marks on them too (bummer) . I'm also sleeping alot, stuffy nose,gaining weight, some times getting sick through out the day..and if i am I dont' know how to tell my boyfriend. I'm staying with my aunt and uncle about 1000 miles away from him and my family but i'll be going back for thanksgiving and moving back in jan. and jus if you were wondering yes it is his. His mom and dad are really strick and i'm not sure how to tell them so nervous. please keep my updated on your news. and do you want to be each others support team? well good luck


mia - October 18

hi all. i am 20 and first time pregnant and just thought i should tel you i did the same thing you guys have done and got pregnant on the pill. im 2 months along now but only found out last month. take a test. best of luck


kellie - October 18

hi steph i am due for af the day after tomoro. im very nervous now i havent done a test as im not paid till friday and they are just so expensive. my stomach is hard and has a small bump that isnt noticable to others except me and my boyfriend and family. im finding myself lying to my dad when he comments saying ive just eaten when i havent. its very odd. i have a stuffy nose still and my nipples are so sore i cant belive it. nausea is gone but my b___bs are HUGE and im still sleeping lots and waking in the night. im really excited tho. probly not the best idea. were you trying for a baby or just hapend? keep me posted on how you feel.


steph - October 18

well kellie I took a test this morning and it was a faint pos.!!!!!! YAY I'm excited but scarred at the same time. I'm not sure how to tell my boyfriend. I will have to tell him over the phone which i would rather tell him in person but dont' have much of a chose. And no we weren't trying, just as a surprise.I'm with you too its probly not the best thing but what can you do about it , so i look at it in a good way and i'm excited about it. I'm just really nerves about the bills and everything. I'm going to try and get on some kind of insurance. all of your symptoms are the same as mine. I really think that you are prego. I'll keep my fingures crossed. keep my updated on everything... thanks kellie and lots of baby dust****


P - October 18

Kellie you can get a preg. test at Walmart for under $4


Kellie - October 18

thats realy great steph congratulations! ive got my fingers crossed now. im goin to go and find a cheap test tomoro case i cant stand the wondering anymore. not sure how il manage moneywise other half doesnt earn alot as hes only an apprentice and im a student nurse so all my money comes from my bursary i think i get maternity leave tho. really excited!


Lafay - October 18

Go to you doctor because judging by your symptoms you're pregnant or having a bad urinary tract or bladder infection


steph - October 18

hey kellie you can check out a web site called and it tells all about different test. umm the equate test at wal-mart are pretty sensitve even more than ept and clearblue i didn't know that until today after i had tested and such..ohh and I'm in the same boat you are in my boyfriend and i don't have much money either. he is in school .I"m planning to go back in jan. I'm going to go and apply for medicaid, so it will cover all the baby bills and such.. maybe something to check out too... and even if the test comes up neg. keep on testing. I test 4 times before getting a pos... ohh I'm telling my boyfriend tonight that i'm prego. I'm really nervous.. ughhh i wish it were easy.. keep me posted on the news and good luck! baby dust*****


Kellie - October 18

Kellie, I was a young unmaired mother. I hope fully for you health but I truly hope you are not pregnant. Give yourself some time to grow up a bit. And if you have to wait untill pay day to afford a pregnancy test then you need to try and wait untill you are more financially secure for a child. I wish you the best luck and am not trying to burst your bubble but I wish I could buy more for the wonderful son I have but he must sacrifice because I did not wait.


eb - October 18

sorry to above to kelli not from sorry.


kellie - October 19

thanks but i never tryed for this and i really dont belive in abortion besides i did this and i belive evrything happens for a reason. due for af tomoroow so i will see. to stepph. hiya have youo told your boyfriend? how did he react? im not looking forward to telin mine. are u in the us? im in the uk. dont no what its like over there but here you get alot of benfits when you are pregnant to help.tho oi plan on doin temp work and restarting uni when my baby is older. thats if tho im almost post_tive i am , any way let me no how u are!



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