Advil Amp TTC

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Jen - November 1

Since Advil is an Ibuprofen, should I stay away from it if I am ttc?? I would appreciate it if anyone has knows the answer to this.....


To Jen - November 1

I thought I was pregnant last month and wondering if I still am because my period was unusual because I only bled 3 days and it was very very light. I usually bleed for 5-6 days. Well, the reason I think I could still be pregnant is I have been having symptoms for about a month now, but still negative tests. (I guess my hormones could just be screwed.) I went to see a nurse to talk to her about it about a week after that strange period and she gave me a blood test. It was negative, but she told me that it could still be too early for the test to show a positive. I haven't seen her since, but I am just going to see if af shows up again and is normal this time before I test again. Anyway, to answer your question, I told her that I usually take Advil for my af cramps, and she told me that if I think I am pregnant, I should stay away from Advil or any other drugs. She said if and only if I absolutely need it, I can take some tylenol, but try not to. Hope this helps.


Jen - November 1

Thanks. I just did a little bit of reading on the topic through the web and yes, it does say to stay away from ibuprofen(motrin, advil for example) when ttc because it can prevent implantation.


<<<Ibuprofen is EVIL>>> - November 1

Ibuprofen is an anti-inflammatory. It would work against an egg trying to implant. TTC and pregnant women can take tylenol safely, but that's it for painkillers.


Jen - November 1

I can honestly say that I take Advil each month during my AF regularly. I sure hope this isn't stopping me from getting preggers. I guess I'll be switching to Tylenol or even stop pills completely. Is there anyone out there who has used Advil quite a bit but still have gotten pregnant.


Mello - November 1

Is all Tylenol extra strength??? I read somewhere that you are not supposed to take extra strength tylenol when pregnant but all of the tylenol I have seen is extra strength.



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