AF Came Bad This Time

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Me - July 5

I was having some symptoms of pregnancy and was really suprised to get AF this morning. This is my 4th week off the BC patch so I'm sure that threw my body off. My AF usually start with a day or two of light discharge but not this time. It's been full force since this morning with horrible cramps that have almost made me cry a few times today. Do you think this harsh AF is due to coming off the patch a month ago or an early MC. I tested this morning at 13 DPO before AF came and was negative so I'm guessing not a MC but who knows.


Mel - July 5

hi there! My guess would be that your body is just starting to readjust to not being on the patch. They say that your body goes back to how it was prior to going on bc. Did you used to get bad cramps and heavy flow before going on the patch? Don't worry about not being pf this month, it was your first month, there's always next month! It's fun trying too! : ) Plus some say it's good to have a normal cycle off bc before becomming pg. So already there's a few positives for you! It's important to always see the positive! I hope you feel better in the meantime!


To Mel - July 6

Thank you for your positive response. Now I'm looking on the bright side :)


kari - July 6

Hello, To be quite honest, I have thought the same thing. I had all of the pregnancy symptoms including being late 10 days and then af came heavier and more painful than I have ever experienced.....this is my first reg. cycle off the patch too. My nurse said that the patch was great for regulating you and stuff but the withdrawl is really bad...which is what you and I are having unfortunately. I too thought that I was having an early mc....because I got not 1 but 3 faint positives on hpt's....still not convinced I didn't have a chem. pregnancy and it didn't work out and that is what I am experiencing. They say they are more common than not but most women don't know they are having that because they don't take hpt's like they are a daily ritual like me LOL because we are ttc. My cramps yesterday were unbearable. I had really bad cramps before bc...but nothing like yesterday. I felt like I was going into labor again. So keep me posted!!! Yes there is always next month. I am just having a hard time trying to figure out when I'll ovulate because this period was 10 days late and all. So my nurse told me to try the opk's and see what happens. It should either be the week of the 10th or the we'll have fun trying...I'll keep you all updated as well.


To kari - July 7

Hi Kari, I never got a positive on the HPT so that makes me think mayby this horrible AF is just from the patch coming off. I'm dying with these cramps and clots though. Looks like I'll be ovulating around the 22nd since I ovulate later than most. I will probably do opk again too just to make sure.



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