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ans - January 28

Hey ladies! I am 14 dpo & have been cramping since last night right before I went to bed. I just knew I would wake up to AF but so far she is a know show. I woke up to very sore br___ts & cramps. All afternoon I have been spotting brown but only when I wipe (inside TMI). I took a HPT this afternoon & it was a BFN. I should have started today & I always start in the middle of the night. The only time I have had brown spotting with no pink I ended up being pregnant. What do you ladies think? This will be my 5th pregnancy. I have had 3 early losses & lost my daughter at 21 weeks. TIA!!!


ans - January 29



2ndtimeround - January 29

This is quite a tricky situation you are in.... I had this same thing last cycle, (bearing in mind I get spotting every cycle a day or two b4 AF), but last cycle I was two days late and BFN. You could say that you Oed later than what you thought, hence spotting being the famous "implanting bleed" and your BFN would be because it's too early for testing. Do you chart at all? If so post a link, maybe someone will be able to help you more than me... I'm pretty useless I'm afraid. You could always test tomorrow with FMU and keep testing until you get BFP or that horrible full b__w AF.... Wishing you all the best GL ~*~*~*babydust*~*~*~


ans - January 29

Thank You 2ndtimeround! I do not chart unfortunately. I do, however, know that I O'd on cd 14 because I had an ultrasound on cd 12 & 15. I also have terrible O pain every month. I am still spotting brown & got something on a HPT this morning but can't tell you it was a BFP. It was a line but it was so light that I honestly don't know if it had color to it or not. I am scheduled for a Beta HCG & Progesterone check tomorrow unless AF comes on full force. Cramps are pretty much gone now & the spotting is alot lighter. Thank for your opinion!


sarahd - January 29

Good luck ans! I really hope that it turns out to be your bfp for you - let us know!


ans - January 29

Thank you sarahd! I will update tomorrow! I want to test again tonight but DH said not to since I am going in at 8:00 in the morning! I am on CST & will not be home from work until 5.


ans - January 30

Ladies my blood test was also a BFN! I guess the brown spotting/bleeding is my AF because even my Progesterone was -. I had this happen to me on clomid in 2005 & I was prescribed Provera but opted not to take it. I got pregnant on that cycle that started with brown spotting so maybe I will this time too. We will see in about 4 weeks. ~~~~~~Baby Dust~~~~~~



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