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Hope - December 8

I'm due for AF on 12/18 and want to test on 12/16, hoping for early X-Mas gift, like many of you...I've read a lot of what many of you have had to say and I'm wishing baby dust on all of you hoping for it! I will be testing 12/16, and would like someone to chat with during the waiting game...anyone interested?


curly - December 8

i' m due for af the 21st, but im afraid to test early, b/c i dont want a bfn. i also want an early christmas gift


krissy - December 8

hi af is due on 12/18 also....and i cant wait to test...first offical month TTC and me and my boyfriend couldnt be more excited about trying to have our first baby....also would be a great christmas gift for my dad is right now is fighting cancer and he really wants his first grandchild. we actually live with my parents right now to help out...i know sounds strange to try and have a baby when we are living with my parents but the support is great for every baby dust to and every one else here is so a BFP!!!


Lisa - December 8

Hi, I am also due for my AF on the 21st, but would love to wrap up a bfp and put it in my DH stocking! Baby dust to all!


curly - December 8

i would also love to give my dh a bfp as well as my husband, baby dust


Lois - December 8

I'm due for AF on 12/14. I have no signs except for a little heartburn today which is very unusual for me (I know it's a stretch!). I got FR and I think I'm going to test Sun, but I'm so afraid of a BFN. I have to keep reminding that I didn't have any symptoms in June when I did conceive (m/c in Sept). Good luck to all. . .


Hope - December 9

Good morning to all! I only get on here until 2:00 pm, work hours, do any of you find yourself picking apart every little thing? I had a little cramping, and I'm like, oh, this could be implantation! I feel like I'm going a bit wacko!


DeeJay - December 9

I'm due for af on the 20th. I know I will test on the 17th, even though I know that I could be let down! This was my first month on Clomid, and I know it takes a while sometimes, but everyone gets their hopes up around Christmas!!! Good Luck to all


Hope - December 9

It's funny, I can hardly wait for the month to fly from O to af time, then hate it when it comes...


Hope - December 9

I should’ve o’d on 12/4, did the thing 12/1, 12/3, and 12/5 every other day, and now have felt crampy on and off for 2 days. Do you think that could be implantation, or do you think maybe it would be a late O’d? My chart said first day of being fertile would be 11/29, so I also have date of 11/26 and 11/27 just in case it was early… I guess what I ‘m really asking is how long after O do you think Implantation takes place?


Lisa - December 10

Implantation they say is between day 5-11, everyone is different.


Beth - December 10

My af's have been a little longer since I had my daughter in July, but I'm going by my af length prior to that pg and would be due on 12/18 if they go back to normal. The past couple of days my stomach has felt kind of bloated, and I've been getting the same kind of ga__siness that I had when I got pg. the last time around. Also been feeling fatigued and moody (but those could just be normal af symptoms), and just today when I was shopping after work, back and feet started hurting for no reason; this was after having 3 days off and a light work load yesterday. I just feel like I'm picking every little thing apart and a___lyzing them to death! Just keeping my fingers crossed and not jumping the gun and testing too early! Good Luck everyone! And to DeeJay: I've heard of women who have gotten pg their first month on Clomid, so it CAN happen! Try to wait if you can to test though; the last time around, I didn't test positive until the day before expected AF; someone I know didn't test positive until they were 6 wks. pg.


Tiffany - December 11

Hi! I'm due for af on the 20th. Can I join you??? I am 3dpo today so I will test in about 6 more days that will be Dec. 17th!!! I'm really excited! I have been trying for 4 years and I have 2 daughters ages4 and 11. I have had a few mc's and a cuple of chemical pg's. OHHHHH I really want a BFP for Christmas!!


SweetP - December 11

Hi!! I'm due 12/19, may I join you? I had a chemical pregnancy last cycle so I'm hoping for not only a BFP but a sticky BFP! I'm 6dpo today (I think) and feeling pretty nauseated and I have metal mouth 11 I'm excited to see how it goes!


DeeJay - December 12

Hello everyone, still waiting... trying to resist the urge to take a hpt! I know it is to soon, but it is addicting! Also trying not to get my hopes up or start imagining symptoms, but my b___bs do hurt, which is not normal for me, but who knows maybe my bra was too tight yesterday, lol. My cm is very dry though, which I don't think is a good thing, but at least I don't think my cysts came back this month so that is a good thing. Still wishing for a Christmas miracle, I think everyine deserves at least one! Good luck, keep me posted.


Hope - December 12

Good morning all...I'm still on pins and needles waiting. I'm trying to hold out til the 16th to test, but knowing me, i'll do it early and then just repeat! lol


Jennbj - December 12

Can I join you girls? I am due for af on the 18th also but I am going to test on the 16th so if I get even a faint positive I can get in to the dr asap....I have had 2 mc's this year so she said when i get pregnant again she will put me on progesterone right away. But I have to tell you as much as I want to see the BFP, I am soooo afraid. I don't have any signs at all and I woke up this morning depressed thinking that this probably won't be my month. But I also think I keep telling myself that because I don't want to get let down. Anyway, Good luck and loads and loads of baby dust to all of you, Friday will be fun with so many testing together!



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