Af Due 12 April And Tested

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jes - April 8

Hi everyone, this is a great site. Here are the things with me. 5 days after I ovulated, i. e. on 1 April, when I wiped there was pinkish blood, and not after that at all. Also my temerature dip on that day. The second day and few days later I had a creamy white discharge, which I never had before. My temps rised as well, and I felt slight cramps for few days. Now I have sore br___ts and a strange feeling in my mouth, like a metal, not that much of cm right now. I tested this morning, with Babycheck early pregnancy test (supposed to react at 25 hcg), althoug due on 12 April and at the first sight it was negative although a second line was veeery very faint, but I could surely gess where it is supposed to be. So what do you think...that line confuses me..


Mamaleo3 - April 8

It sounds as if I are PG! I heard even if the line is faint the hormones are present, but possibly not strong because you tested very early! Test again in 2 days and see if the line gets darker. Good luck,I'll keep my fingers crossed for ya!!!


Mamaleo3 - April 8

See,I am so crazed over thinking I am pregnant,I said I are PG! I meant you Jes! (lol)


Jes - April 8

Thanks a lot... this support means a lot now, when days seem like months:), I'll do it again on Sunday and I'll see, all the best to you too...


Jes - April 11

and yeees it was positive yesterday:) I send you all a lot of baby dust and wishing you all the best!!!


char - April 11

hi jess .. much congrats .. i m suppose to due on 11Apr but not tested yet - fear of seein BFN since i hv been goin thru tat for the past mths. Jess - care to share some early symptons u might hv ? so happy for u!


Jes - April 11

Good for you!!! Wishing you the best!!!


Jes - April 12

thank you:) best to you too...


char - April 12

hi jes, i hv not tested still .. guess i will test it tis wkend. do u feel bloated? i m. worry tat the bloatness might b af comin, very negative though how much i wish i m pregnant.



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