AF Due 29th Anybody Want To Wait It Out Together

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paullover - January 21

Hi...My name is Jen. I have been trying to conceive since September 2005 with my second. I got pregnant March 06, but I had a MC on May 8th...:-(...I have been trying to conceive since then. I went on the pill for 2 months to get my cycle back on track and just started trying again this month. My af is due the 29th, hopefully it doesn't come. Anybody else due around this time and want to wait it out together? I don't know about you, but I could use the support! ****BABYDUST to ALL****


lissica - January 22

Hi paullover. My af is due on the 28th. I hope you have good luck this new year. Do you know when you ovulated?


nino3 - January 22

My af is supposedly due also on the 29 of this month but who knows. I had a positive opk on the 18. so i really dont know when i ov. My last period was o the 28 so because they are every 30 days then i suppose af will be due on the 29-1st of feb. Last cycle was my longest cycle yet. It was a total of like 44 days when they are usually 30. Anyways i suppose it was due to stress etc. Good luck to all of you and please wish me luck too o.k. Baby dust to all and may the lord gives us all good fat BFP and lots of healthy babys!!!!


Kelleyb - January 22

Paullove, my AF is also due the 29th so I'll come along for the waiting ride with you. We are also trying for baby #2. I just went off the pill last month. With my first, I went off the pill and got pregnant the next month so who knows. Are you feeling any symptoms yet? Good luck to you, and everyone else waiting for a BFP


paullover - January 23

Hi! I think I ovulated between the 15th and the 18th and that's because I seemed to have fertile cm. If I didn't conceive this month then I am hoping it will be easier to tell when I o next month, because I will be able to tell how long my cycle is. This last cycle was based on bc which as you know is always 28 days. So we will see. I don't feel any symptoms yet, the only thing is my b___sts are sore, but that could be due to pms. I promised myself to stop stressing over it. I'm not going to take a pregnancy test until Feb 2nd if I am late. I should wait a week, but I don't think I will be able to hold out, that's why I gave myself an exact date :-). BFP to all!!


AndreaD - January 23

Hey everyone, I ovulated between 15-16 (more likely the 16th I think), so my AF is due on 30th Jan, but I have been known to have a 16 day Luetal Phase. So this 2ww may drag on to the 1st of Feb ! I had pink/ brown CM yesterday at 6dpo, so I can't help getting hopeful... x


KWaits - January 23

I'll wait with you girls! I O'd between 17th-19th. Which would make af due around the 28th. That is if I have a normal cycle this time. Last cycle was 37 days. I'm normally 28. GL


bluv5147 - January 23

my af due on the 28th. i cld use the support as well.. we will all support each other,.. baby dust to all


paullover - January 25

Hi! How is everybody feeling? I have absolutely no other symtoms than sore b___sts(which are barely sore)...but like I could be PMS. But, I am keeping my fingers crossed!


nino3 - January 25

Hey Paullover. i think i already ov. but my temps are going all werid. Really high sometimes and then low. I used to temp on ff regularly but since nothing was happening i stopped this month and recently started up so ff didnt give me crosshairs at all. Anyways my opk was post. on the 18 and i have been feeling a little something on my left bb. Just like a weird sensation that starts on my nipple and goes back to the rest of my b___st. Weird. I am also feeling weird cramps on my pelvic area but this can be due to anything. I bd all the right times but i havnt done naything different than before so who knows. Im not gonna build up my hopes this month cause i do every other month and just cry when the results are neg. I think i will not test until Feb 5 if no af. My cycle is usually 30 days but last month was like 44. You can imagine how very excited i was tthta i wasnt getting af. I surely though was pg but time after time that i tested i would get bfn until finally my temp dropped and i got af the next day. Bummer so i decided not to temp anymore. Too stressful. Anyways good luck to anyone and when is everyone testing?


paullover - January 25

Hi nino3...I tried temping for a couple of cycles last year and you're right, it's way too stressful. When I was pregnant this last time, I waited a whole week after my af was due and during that week I was having wierd cramps maybe you're having the same thing. I was having some cramps a few days ago, it felt like my af was going to start already. But...I am not getting my hopes up either. It will happen when it more stressing for me :-).


paullover - January 27

How is everybody feeling this weekend?? I feel like absolute poop! My b___sts are SOOOO sore and I am cramping...the sad thing is I think it's because I am going to I am a lil disappointed...but we will see! Keep me posted on your conditions!


bjovs1 - January 27

hi there, everyone, ive been trying to conceive since july last year, i also had a mc, may the 12th, well my af is due the 30th, my af was 5 days late last month, i was hopefullbut she reared her ugly head, i have been cramping for 4 days, brasts are sore and kinda lumpy and more firm than normal, also feeling queasy, not getting my hopes up, cramps are there most of the time, and noticable, but not as bad as af cramps, oh i got a sore lower back too, wot do u think, thanks xx baby dust to all


paullover - January 30

Hi Everybody! How is everybody doing? Any sign symptoms? My af still hasn't shown her ugly face. My b___sts are more sore than they have ever been before, but I think it is too early to be sore from pregnancy. I am going to test soon. Let me know how you are all doing!


paullover - January 31

Okay so I couldn't wait to take a pregnancy test and I took one this was a BFP!! I can't believe I FINALLY get to post that! So all of my signs and symptoms were real this time :-)...BABYDUST to all of you!!!!


frozenfeet - January 31

congrats paullover - dont forget to add your name to the jan. bpf thread!!!!



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