AF Due 6 1 Wait With Me

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Megan - May 27

this is my first month coming off the pill (ortho tricyclen lo) since i got married. i started taking the pill before i was s_xually active to regulate af (she used to visit only 3 or 4 times a year). i always figured that i would have a hard time getting pregnant because of my irregularity, and i assumed it would take a few months for my body to get in the swing of things after coming off the pill, but i've been feeling weird lately. for about a week and a half i've felt queasy and sometimes dizzy on and off through the day, my nipples are really sore, i've had lower abdomen cramps and other symtoms... they may be psychosomatic or just my body getting used to not being on the pill anymore, but i can't help thinking i just might be pregnant. af is due 6/1 (assuming that being on the pill taught my body how to cycle right), and i'm trying to wait until at least that day to test, but i am weak... i'm tempted to try testing today. help me wait!


blue - May 27

Hey there Megan! I'm waiting for 6/6 but no signs yet. I've been ttc for 8 months now and you wouldn't believe the symptoms I've had - and all nothing!! (not saying yours are nothing, but mine always were!). Having said that, your symptoms sound v positive! Good luck, love blue x ps Resist those little pee sticks! RESIST!!


Leigh - May 28

Megan, I'm waiting for 6/1 too. I also have cramps but also have heartburn, wetness, and sore b___bs. I'm trying to not test till wednesday, but may break down


Christie - May 28

Hi girls! Also waiting for AF on 6/1 and trying to resist the temptation of testing as well. I have been invaded by blue veins all over, groin cramping, and sick to the tummy! The part that stinks is not knowing and it's killing me! I'm with you, Megan, I feel like it's all in my head! But, we have to wait cause if we keep testing and getting the results we don't want because it's still too soon, will only depress us more so we must be strong and wait it out! **Baby Dust** :)


Megan - May 28

hello, ladies! thanks for the support... i actually was seriously thinking about buying tests tonight and testing tomorrow morning (i don't have them yet to help me resist the temptation), but i checked in here before we went out, and your posts really helped. i am strong again! here's to making it to wednesday! ~*~* baby dust *~*~


Christie - May 28

Megan ~ Woohoo RESIST! Very proud of ya...Wednesday it is! We don't have much longer. So, enjoy the holiday weekend and try not to stress too much. (yea, easier said than done, I know!) :)



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