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Tiff - August 17

my af is due around the 27th. i pray it doesn't show. i really want a baby. i have just been having a couple of signs. bloated, gassy, light cramping low in my pelvis. i have also bee super tired. but i'm not sure if that is from possibly being pregnant or from working night shift. anyway i'd like to talk with a group of gals that are going through the same thing.


ash - August 17

hey kind of in the same situation. my last af was 7/25 . my husband i had unprotected s_x on sunday the 7th . i think i ovulated on the 9th. anyway, my period is either due on the 21 or the 22 . i took a hpt this morning the 17th, and it was negative. im having clear goey v____al discharge , and my stomach is cramping on and off like period cramps . i really am not noticing any change in my b___bs. iv been really tired too, but i also work 3rd shift, so i dont know if it is related.i dont know if i took a preg. test to early. im trying to get into my dr. office today to get blood drawn .let me know what happens.


Brooke - August 17

Hey..I will wait with you. I'm kinda thrown off from when I'm supposed to start b/c I had really light bleeding last week...for only two b___bs are EXTREMELY sore and they have never gotten this sore before a period before. I also have to urinate a lot, am very very tired. My stomach has been lightly cramping this morning and I've been having these little twinges in my ovaries. I have no idea what's going on! I took a preg. test last Sat and it was neg. We can keep each other updated


Tiff - August 18

Hey girls, lets hope we all get BFP's. i don't think i'm going to test until a day after i miss AF. i think it would be way to early to get a BFP. I'm still really wore out. i work around OB docs all night, so i should just ask one of them to give me a test. Well girls have a great day and lets pray we all get bfp!!!!!



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