AF Due 8th Feb Grandpa Viv Can U Help With This

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Marie - February 1

I am due for AF on the 8th Feb. This is month 25 ttc!! Don't really feel anything at this stage, unlike past months when I could swear I was preggers! Last month I got a + opk on day 20 out of 32 day cycle and this month I didn't use the opk. I noticed that I had the clear/slightly creamy VERY sticky mucus on day 17 (which was the 24th Jan), but haven't really had anything since. I have never particularly noticed the mucus before and have never charted it, therefore never look out for it, it was just there. I'm hoping that is a good sign. Yesterday, being day 24, I too noticed all throughout the day that I was having very dull aches to the lower left part of my belly and was very intermittant, but sometimes felt almost rythmic like a pulse. Gradually this moved over to the right hand side and then in the evening started getting sharp shooting pains in the lower pelvic region in the middle, which I usually put down to ovulation. Quite confused this month because does that mean I only ovulated yesterday when I am due on in 7 days? Or did I ovulate last monday when I had the mucus????


Grandpa Viv - February 1

Wow, month 25 ttc is a long time. They say to check with the doc after 12 months. If you don't get lucky soon you will have to get serious about BBT, CM and CP. The doc will be interested in the charts. I'm wondering about your lack of good fertile mucus. Maybe that is part of the problem?


Marie - February 2

I have been under the hospitals care since month 10 ttc. I am on month 10 of Clomid and had every procedure going to check things are OK and there is no reason why we can not conceive. Especially that I fell pregnant with my son the first month with no problems. I am wondering about the mucus thing - do you know if that meant I ovulated on day 17 or last night? Also early hours of this morning, I kept getting woken up by some weird activity in my lower right side of my belly. I mean real low down. Kind of felt like aching, sometimes a little sharp. Discharge is still here this morning and I am due on in 6 days!



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