AF Due December 30th Wanna Wait With Me

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TTC - December 6

i am due for my af on dec 30th anyone else wanna wait this long ride with me? it would make it go faster?


Vanessa - December 7

Hey, me too! Only on CD 7 and all I'm doing it charting my temp. Wish there was something else I could do other than wait. Anyway, should O sometime next week so let the BDing begin!!!


Pam - December 7

I'm due for af on Dec. 18, can I wait with you?


DeeJay - December 7

I am due for af on Dec 20th. This is my first month on Clomed, Been ttc for 2 years, I suspect I may have pcos. Of course the 3-5 days that I am supposed to o this month , I got the flu! Yeh that really sets a mood! So my hopes are not to high this month, but keeping my fingers crossed. Good luck to all!


Lin - December 7

I should be due for AF sometime between Dec 31st and Jan 2nd. Good luck to everyone!


Pam - December 7

Good luck to all of you as well...I tell you, I'm not doing much but tracking dates. I went of the pill two cycles ago, and I have no patience at all. I'm afraid to diet "just in case" I'm afraid to drink "just in case"... then when it's time for AF, I swear I have every sign... it's crazy...


to pam - December 7

I am in basically the same boat u are. my af is due on dec 18th as well and i swear for the last 2 weeks i have had different symptoms....but mostly i am really tired and i have had this head ache every day for the last 2 weeks....but here is to being late and and a positive!! *~Krissy~*


Lin to "to pam" - December 7

My guess is those symptoms would have to be caused by something other than pregnancy, because they would most likely have started before you ovulated. If your AF is due on the 18th, then you would likely have just ovulated a few days ago. But good luck, and I hope you have some unmistakable symptoms in a few days' time!


Frances - December 7

I think mine is due the 15th or so? Not understanding the charting thing so well. Might not be doing it right. My last period was Nov 17th and I am having pinkish discharge. Totally new one for me. Any ideas? I haven't used any chemical birth control for like, oh, 8 years? I have a 4 year old. I'm afraid we waited too long to try for #2. Gosh I hope not.


Lin - December 7

Hey Frances, if your AF is due on the 15th, and you're having pinkish discharge now, it could be a good sign. There's a reasonable chance it could be implantation bleeding - it's about the right time. Good luck! I've got my fingers crossed for you...


TTC - December 7

i never know when i am o ing and it is so frustrating it differs all the it is hit or miss here.


TTC "Heather" - December 7

oh and welcome everyone...we can wait together...maybe we will be lucky this month?


Ashley - December 7

hello all...i am due for af on dec 14. i am hoping for a bfp this month and that would make for a very nice christmas! i started charting this month, also using saliva dust!


Heather - December 7

what is saliva scope? i am not charting but i think i should start


Gretchen - December 8

I am due for af Jan.2.


Di - December 8

Hello I am due for AF Jan 1st. It is a long wait this will be 4 mo ttc and I am totally discouraged. Like most of you I dont want to diet or drink etc in case I become pg. Bd is also becoming more of a chore than anything else which has taken the mood out of it all.


Ashley - December 8

the saliva scope is this little instrument that you spit on...when you are fertile, your spit will dry to look like a ferning pattern. when you are not, it dries to look like spots.



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