AF Due July 18th Anyone Else With The Same Wanna Wait

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lissica - July 6

Hey ladies. I just ovulated and am due for af on the 18ish.Anyone want to wait with me?


Ashy - July 7

Hi Lissica. I am due for af on the 15th. I o'd on July 1 according to mymonthlycycles. I have been experience a horrible upset stomach. I have been getting car sick. but no sore b___st... and it seems as if everyone has sore b___st during there pregnancy. please tell me your symptoms...


twotimesthecharm - July 7

I wait with you, I am now 4DPO and slightly sore (.)(.) but that is about it. I am due for no af on or around the 18th. Come on BFPs!!!!!!


Meghan - July 7

Hi ladies! I am due for af on the 13th so I will wait with you all! hopefully we all will get BFPs!!! good luck to you all and BABY DUST!! and ashy I have had metallic taste in my mouth lower abdomen pinching sore bbs and lotiony cm.


Anna B. - July 7

Hi! I'm due for hopefully NO AF around July 18th. I am 2dpo right now and no symptoms yet. This is my last month before I have to start seeing an RE so I hope it is the month!


lissica - July 7

Hello all and thanks for waiting with me. My dh and i bd'd every day leading to Ovulation so I feel pretty good about this month already just for that sake. No symptoms yet but i hope we all get our bfp's this month!!


antonia - July 7

hi, lissica, i ovulated on the 28th of june and i am still waiting for af or positive test. so, i will be happy to wait with you. as you can tell, i don't have a normal cycle length, but oh well. let's see what happens


tucker12 - July 7

I will wait... I ovulated I need to bd today and tomorrow...but expect af on the 18th or 19th. Hope this is the dust!!! Antonia when are you testing??


angela1986 - July 7

Hello ladies af is due to show up somewhere between the 15th and 18th so i would love to wait with you. Ive been so tired lately im about 8dpo and ive been throwing up but im thinking it might be the virus i had 2 weeks ago but i really dont know. Good luck to everyone and i hope to see a ton of BFP's this month ladies. Babydust to all!


lissica - July 7

Hiya all and welcome. What a fun little thread this is turning out to be.:) So from my calculations i am approx 3dpo. But i don't temp so am just guessing. My stomach has been having slight cramps and my sides as well but i think it's probably just some lingering O pains. Oh and more cm then usual.That;s it so far.


staci - July 7

Hi! My af is due around the 19th-20th, I am 1-2 dpo. Bbs are tingling really bad today and my stomach feels like I did 1000 crunches(had really bad o pains, guess it's from that)! So most of us are still in the early part of our 2ww, good to know there is so many women out there on the same schedule to keep eachother company! Here's to making this a lucky thread! ***Baby Dust***


bethtwo - July 8

hey all! i am due for af around the 18th to 20th. i'm almost exactly on time, but last month was about 2 days late from what i can tell, don't know what happened there. i will wait with you all as well, hoping for BFP this month!


sarahd - July 8

Hi guys, I'm a bit later than you, expecting af on the 21st, but this is the closest thread out there! :) I think I O'd today possibly - been bd'ing the last few days and going to again tonight just in case. Super early O though - I"m only cd9! I started getting cramps, clear/slippery cm and b___st tenderness cd7...I read some women O as early as cd8, so maybe I'm one of the 'early' ones. Last month was first off bcps, so I don't really know my cycle all that well yet. Going to start temping and using opks next month if this one doesn't catch. Anyway, I"m hoping you all get some bfps in the days leading up to when I expect af and can send me some positive baby dust!


Moonpie2 - July 8

I am due on the 15th or 16th... can I join? I am 9 dpo is cramping normal around now? Not for me anyway... ;)


antonia - July 8

i am 10 dpo and i will probably take a test around 14 or 15 dpo. I took a test on thursday, but it was too early. i was just so anxious. this is my third round of clomid; i miscarried on round 1, did not ovulate in round 2, and ovulated extremely late with this round. But i've been having nagging headaches, stomach discomfort and i almost pa__sed out at work!!!! so we shall see what a few more days will bring.


lissica - July 8

Hello ladies and welcome all you new joiners. I feel very positive about this month. MY dh and I bd at all the right times and this is the first month of ttc that i think we got it right lol. Antonia...your symptoms sound promising, i can't wait till we get our first BFP on here!


sarahd - July 8

Well I'm pretty sure I O'd on Friday - I had the most clear cm on Thursday, with all the other symptoms, but now my cm is a kind of white again and I haven't had any more cramping. Still have sore b___sts though. We bd'd Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday so hopefully if I did O then something worked out!



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