AF Due July 9th Wait With Me

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rhamel - June 22

Hey girls, I haven't ovulated yet but I will within the next couple days. This is my second month TTC and I want some friends for the horrible 2WW


kvilendrer - June 22

Hey rhamel. I will be ovulating on July 9th. This is also my second month TTC. My period came 6 days late this month and only lasted for 3 days.. it was also lighter than normal. Some have told me to take a test...i did when i was 3 days late and got negative...others tell me i'm probably not pregnant. Well, good luck and keep me posted!!


mrose - June 22

hello ladies...I was wondering if I could join. I am actually on provera right now, should finish my last pill on the 26th. Then AF should arrive within the week. I should be starting my OPK's around the 9th. I'm suspose to start them cd10 this cycle and do tha for two weeks. My doc is trying to see if I ovulate on my own. I have very long irreguler cycles, and if it is discovered that I do not ovulate within this amount of time, then she will begin me on clomid the next cycle. I was just wondering I could wait with you ladies...I know I'm not really waiting for the exact same thing, but I could sure use the support and would love to give some support! :-)


Mrs.Steve - June 23

Hi, rhamel. I'd be happy to wait with you. My AF is due Jul 5. I'm 1dpo.


Julie.N - June 23

Hey Rhamel, I spoke to u on 'ttc baby #2' but you dissapeared! How you doing? I am in the dreaded tww right now. af due around 1st july-ish. Hoping she dosent show!


kvilendrer - June 23

Hi everyone! I'm glad to see that all of you joined us. Good luck to everyone here! Mrs. Steve and Julie. N, I hope those AF's don't show!


Mrs.Steve - June 23

Thanks, kvilendrer. I hope they don't show, either. Since I've been ttc, I've seen pregnant women everywhere I go. I went to Venice Beach today and it was pregnancy central. Funny how I probably wouldn't notice if I wasn't ttc. But, only 2 dpo...long wait ahead.


kvilendrer - June 23

I'm with you. I haven't even ovulated yet. So I have a long wait ahead of me, too. Pregnancy is on my mind all the time. And you're right...pregnant women are everywhere. It makes me think about it even more. I really hope this is the month for you.


Mrs.Steve - June 23

I hope it's the month for you, too!


rhamel - June 24

Sorry about dissappearing Julie, I don't know what is worse the 2ww, or the time where you start your period and you know you have a whole 2 weeks until you even ovulate then you know after that you have a whole 2 MORE weeks to wait. I just got really bummed when af showed up this last time even though it was my first month really ttc. I think I am ovulating today, maybe tomorrow I feel a little crampy though. DH and I have been bding a lot I think tonight will be my last chance before it's too late so hopefully we got the job done this time!


rhamel - June 25

Welp I should have ovulated during the night (I'm very regular 28 days always). So my 2WW has officially started! Last cycle I started taking pregnancy tests one week into the wait lol, this time I'm going to wait till 12 dpo..... I have a bunch of the internet cheapie hpts. How many dpo are you gals?


Julie.N - June 26

hey Everyone, how you all doing? I am 8dpo today, i am gonna test fri (if af hasnt shown by then) really hoping this is my (and everyone else on here) month! Baby Dust!!


kvilendrer - June 26

Good luck Julie N! Let us know!!


rhamel - June 26

Hey girls well I'm 2dpo, had a little weird cramping today..... too early for implantation so I don't know what that was. How is everyone else doing? Good luck friday Julie... wow you have a lot more patience than I do I'm trying real hard to wait until at least 10 dpo to start testing lol. But I have 5 internet cheapie tests.


kvilendrer - June 26

Hey rhamel. Good luck! I hope this time was it for you!


bjovs1 - June 26

hi there, my af is due on july the 10th, this is the second cycle after a m/c at 9 weeks, so ive got my fingers crossed, had cramping yesterday so maybe that was the big O, did my ovulation test and its been showing up since last weds, and did one 2nite 2 check and its still showing. will have 2 wait for hubby to get home from work as he works nite, ill have to be extra nice to him when he comes in lol, baby dust to everyone, good luck, sara xx


kvilendrer - June 26

bjovs1, good luck! I'm sorry to hear about the m/c :( But good luck this time. I'll be praying for you. Let us know how it goes!



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