AF Due Nov 3 Anyone Care To Wait With Me

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nikki - October 22

I've just gone through ovulation and am looking for buddies who are due at the same time.... : ) BABY DUST TO ALL : )


snugglebum - October 22

Hey nikki, I would love to wait with you! I'm due AF on Nov 1. According to my BBT chart I ovulated on CD12 (October 19th). So it's that Loooong 2ww and it's nice to wait with someone else :) I'm now you doing?


Jodie - October 23

Hi nikki, snugglebum, i'd love to join u on the 2ww. my AF is due 6nov according to my calcs, I'm thinking i ovulated 2day or yday? (28day cycle) we've been trying for 4mths now, it'll be our 2nd baby, fingers crossed.


KRD - October 23

Hi all, I'm due AF on Nov 1 also...ovulated about the 15th (figured based on CM and overwhelming urge to BD!!) and think I've already felt something happening...(had a m/c a couple months ago - also knew right away with that one too...) So keeping fingers crossed! (it would be our first). Baby Dust to all!


Jodie - October 23

KRD i'm sorry bout yr miscarriage, as they say at least u know u can fall pregnant i guess. As for me, my CM is usually a good guide but this month i didnt notice any egg white mucus, and i have felt funny since day 11ish, i was nauseous for a few days around then and also my uterus was swollen and sore for a couple of days.. interesting. (i am kinda thin so its easy for me to feel where it is). But i think day 11 was way too early to conceive, we'll see


Q - October 24

Hi, I would like to wait with you too. I've had two miscarriages this year, and we have just started to try again this month. Scary, but we're keeping our hopes up! AF is due Nov 17th, so we'll just wait and see. My cycle is fairly long, usually 35 days, so I'm not really sure when I ovulate.


Jodie - October 24

Hi and welcome Q


Lashunda - October 24

Hi Nikki, my AF is due on the 5th. I oed yesterday (I think) but I won't mind waiting with you. Started TTC for about 3 mths for we had our 2nd m/c in July at 7 weeks. Hope next month is our month!!


ca__s - October 24

hey i think i might be pregnant. i was having nausea alot (not so much anymore) but i have headaches, bbs growing, bloating, lots of saliva but mouth feels dry, anytime i drink something i have to pee, soreness in lower back and sides, and sleeping alot (last nite i stayed up til 3 but slept till 3 in the afternoon), and sometimes a fluttering feeling n my stomach. i cant take a pregnancy test till friday according to doctor. also is it a preg sign to have little cramps in my lower right side tummy and the top of my stomach has gotten hard like i have abs when i def dont at all!!?? please reply and tell me what you think!!! thanks sooo much


Jodie - October 24

Hi lashunda welcome.. Ca__s, thats how i felt with my last pregancy. are u late for yr AF?


ca__s - October 24

no not yet... i'm actually suppose to get it the first week of nov! so those are signs?


Jodie - October 24

U have around a week to go? u could be but as they say unless u do a test you wont know for sure


ca__s - October 24

i had a mini period oct 4-7 it only lasted 3 days... i went to the doctors sat. and they said to wait another week! so i have no clue... i took a home one and it came out negative but these symptoms are going away... in the last two days i havent really been nauseas but i have had the stomach pains heartburn head pain and heave chest and hard ab like muscles.


Kira - October 24

I o'd on the 19 too. So im u think its too soon for symptoms? Nausious and metal taste in my mouth, pains in lower back and what feels like cramps. Oh and sore bbs Already! Im not due for af till Nov.1st and i've never had these symptoms b4.


Jodie - October 24

i def remember having those symptoms of heavy breathiung and sore hard upper abdomen (i couldnt sit slouched without it hurting). i was around 6 weeks preg at that time


Jodie - October 24

Apparently some women feel symptoms after the day of conception! so yes its possible. metallic mouth is one of them


KRD - October 24

Welcome everyone! I've also had some symptoms...headaches, cramps, peeing immediately after drinking, very hungry, and some moodiness. Also signs of PMS, but hoping it's not. My symptoms went away for a couple days, which worried me, but they came back in force today, with some nausea as well. Have to wait until tomorrow to try First Response, or until the end of the week. (I miscalculated and AF is actually due about the 28-29th) Waiting is so stressful!



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