AF Due Oct17 Aka Baby POOPS Friday

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Terri - October 21

oh Lorriane, this is so exciting! Good luck to you!


ashley - October 21

Hey guys, I wrote a really long post, and wouldn't you know it I couldn't get the dang thing to post, and finally gave up.... Mom and dad are still here and I don't have time to read through with a fine tooth comb. Can any body sum up whats been going on? Em I am so glad your hcg levels are going up and up and up! Lucy I am glad that everything is good and you heard the heart beat! Have we had any more BFP? Any body hear from Suebecca yet? Well I told my mom about ttc and she took it well! I told her my reasonings and she is all for it! wheeeew I thought she'd freak out for sure. Any way mom is right here, got to get off here. she'd think I was weird being on here.


Lorraine - October 21

Well I just got my negative results from my dr. She did tell me that the blood test they use is a qualitive blood test as opposed to the quant_tive one. She said it is sometimes no more accurate than a hpt. because it just gives a yes or no. Plus she said that if I O'd the first week of October there is still a good chance that it is to early so wait a few more weeks and see what happens. So once again I'm put on the waiting cycle..i wish she would have just said NO that way I could continue on :)


amyn - October 21

I'm sorry Lorraine, well at least no AF is still a good sign.. Did you ask her about your cycles and why they are sooo long? I forget your on day 43 or 45? Let us know ok.. my fingers are crossed for you, at least one baby concieved before our DH's go overseas :)


Lorraine - October 21

Yeah I asked her and she said some people have rather long cycles and she didn't seem worried. If I don't get AF in a week then i will make a follow up appointment...who knows! I didn't ovulate until sometime between oct 1 and 10, so she is thinking that it's to early still for her test to be accurate so I still don't konw anything. I am going to take that and relax and not worry about it until AF shows. Who knows at this point haha


amyn - October 21

poor thing.. its gonna be ok. like you said don't stress, that was my down fall.. Well I'm gonna sign off, I'm sleepy and need to lay down..its only 8:30pm here.. oh my.. think we are gonna watch either that new movie Robots or Batman Begins. have a good night and a good weekend all..


Justine - October 21

Lorraine - i'm sorry for your negative result and i guess like you say it's frustrating that it's inconclusive as it means you'll be stressing and wondering for awhile longer yet. Amy - i'm glad your mum responded well to your news, it's always helpful to have the support of your family. i miss my family they seem so far away back in england. still no af for me, pleaaaa__sse let her stay away.


Indie - October 21

Hi all! Ok, Justine....british translation of a onesie is a bodysuit. hehe. I can imagine the confusion on that one. :-) Where in UK are you? I grew up there...both my brothers were born in Winchester. We lived in London and also down south in Hampshire Co. I actually miss the UK terribly. Christmas is the worst for me when it comes to getting homesick for England.Ah well...will be moving to NZ soon... Jessica, hope your BFM evolves into a BFP over the weekend. AF is hereby banned!!!! Em, glad to hear all is progressing well. So, got your names decided yet? hehe. Who have you told about your BFP?


Justine - October 21

Hi Indie - hope you're feeling better tonight. yes, i must admit the whole onesie thing had me stumped there for awhile and initially as you can imagine i was thinking of something else completely! i spent most of my childhood just outside manchester and most of my adulthood moving around the uk and abroad and now i find myself in the us. i'm abit of a nomad with an insatiable wanderlust which is fun but gets exhausting after awhile. it sounds like you're abit the same!


Indie - October 22

Hi Justine, yes, I'm a bit of a wanderer myself. My mother's norwegian. Dad was American. Was born in Gibraltar and have lived in Morocco, Norway, UK, Italy, Spain, Madiera, Germany, Australia, and the US. Planning to move to NZ as soon as I either get a good job offer, or save enough money to relocate on my own steam. While there are many things I like about the US, I do not like the way the government is going in the country, nor do I like the overwhelmingly consumer driven bend to society...It also astounds me that the richest country in the world is one of the only modern countries not to have socialized medicine and the gap between rich and poor here is getting wider and wider...but I'll get off my geopolitical soapbox now. HEHE.


Sally C - October 22

Good Morning. I guess I'm first again. So check for a new post for Saturday.



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