AF Due On Wednesday 11 16 Need Help Not Testing

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Ashley - November 11

Anyone want to wait with me? I really want to test, but don't think I should yet. I have been ttc for 9 months and have thought I was a bunch of times, but have not been. Hate waiting!!


Emily - November 11

I will wait with you! I am in the same situation. My dh and I have been trying for five months now and every month I get my hopes up too soon. Last month I was late by five days so I was getting really excited but then AF came. AF could have started on Monday but if it is late again, it may not come until this weekend. I am trying to wait until early next week to test. I had some low cramping two nights ago and not much since. I hope this is the one for both of us!


Ashley - November 11

Tell me about it. I just end up playing so many mind tricks with myself. How can our bodies give us so many signs that we are pregnant and then not be. I want to start a family, but I have never been the motherly type, but after trying for 9 months I am going crazy. I have symptoms this time: head aches, weird cramp type feelings, exhaustion, little na__sea, but not much. If I have a 31 day cycle, which I had last month it should come on wednesday, so have to try not to test till then...sees like a long way away!


Nissa - November 11

Have you guys tried temping?


Emily - November 11

I havn't tried temping. Every month though I use the calendar method to know for sure when I am O and also watch signs from my body to let me know.


sian - November 11

i am due af on 15th and i have two tests in cupboard am dying to try one but know it will be neg !


Amy - November 11

I'm due for af on the 15th too but I couldn't help testing. Of course it was a BFN.


Ashley - November 14

I have temped and according to that I ovulate. I got my period over the weekend....4 days early. Am extremely moody and sad.


Taylor - November 14

I will wait with you! I am due for AF tomorrow and feel like she will come. But I haven't given up hope yet. It is our 4 mth ttc, au natural. So we'll see what happens. I have had some mild cramping and my bbs are soooo sore and have been for awhile now. The cramps are not like the AF ones I usually have so I'm hoping that is a sign! *~~***~baby dust......


sian - November 14

has any one that is due af on 15th , 16th tested yet ? i am due 15th and tested today and got a bfn so i think she is coming


Emily - November 14

Ashley, sorry to hear about AF coming early. It is bad enough when she comes, let alone when she comes early. I tested yesterday and it was a BFN, but AF hasn't showed up yet. I am feeling really good except for really bad headaches for the past 4 days. I am hoping that I just tested too early. If nothing by Friday I will test again which will make me 10 days late.


Emily - November 16

Well, I guess there is next month! So sad, I was staring to think this was the month becuase AF still had not come even after being 7 days late. That was until today though! I never would have imagined that getting pregnant would take so long and be so emotional. I wish for BFP soon for all of us.


Ashley - November 16

I know, such a painful process. AF came early, but then left after only 1.5 days. Would think maybe I am preg, but my temps are around 97.7, which is low. So, I don'tthink so, but still have weird abdomen feelings, head aches and dizzy. I think I just have wishful thinking.



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