AF Due This Coming Oct 21 Wanna Wait With Me

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Sha - October 10

i think i o'd last oct. 3. Bding before and after that. Hope af wont come this time. I had mild tenderness in my br___t, (hope its not only in my mind). Its my 1st month ttc since i mc last July. Any one wanna join the waiting?! Baby dust to everyone!!!


Lo - October 10

Hey Sha I am new to this website. My name is Lorey. My period didn't come at all last month. The last one I had started on Aug. 16. I took a couple pregnancy tests and they were all negative. I've had minor symptoms like nausea, dizziness, sore b___sts, and minor cramping. I haven't taken a test in a week or so. But if no AF by this weekend, I'm going to test again. I wish you luck. Keep me posted.


Sha - October 11

Hi Lorey! Your symptoms sounds promising. Maybe you have to make a appt. with your doctor to have a bloodwork. Your hcg right now may risen up already if your really pregnant. Some women dont have BFPs until they're 12 weeks pregnant. Hope this helps. Lets keep us posted and Loads of Babudust on our way!


Lo - October 11

Thank's sha!!! I have heard from my frineds that some women can't tell they are pregnant through urine. So I'll test on Friday. And if no af by the end of the month I am off to the doctor. Please keep me posted on how your doing. And thanks for your help.


Sha - October 11

Well, as for now for the past few days, i was experiencing b___st tenderness really bad..they come and go but consistently everyday. They are very sore and my nipples are so sensitive. I had also light heartburn and nauseous sometimes. I am already 9dpo and i wanna have to test really bad. I hate this waiting game. I will try to test this saturday, well see if this is our months!


aish - October 11

i am joining u as my AF due on 21 ....i have soore b___bs and back ache (not lower) ... i have no idea , i have no hopes as we r ttc 5 mths ....and these r my old symptoms life AF


Lo - October 11

Sha I think That's great. I am going to test either early friday or saturday. I wish you luck. Aish those are a couple symptoms. I hope you get a couple more soon. Both of you keep me posted!!


emily - October 11

Sha, I jsut wanted to say sorry for your loa__s, I too jsut recently suffered a m/c and D&C in Aug. Dh and I are in our 2 month ttc since. My doc gave me the green light to start trying agian right away. I wish you all is due oct 16 for me. I think I will test this sat. I am having some symtoms, but I sometimes I thingk they are in my dust toa you all


aish - October 11

do u have back ache


Sha - October 11

Welcome to this board aish! Thanks Emily, many women had a healthy preg after mc. Hope and pray were one of them.I wish you luck also. Aish, yes i have also a bachache. They come and go. Right now i feel vey tired and ill, just like with my last preg (have no high hopes really!) Lo, hope BFPs are on your way this friday so that you could send and shower us all here with loads and loads of babydust!! :-)


Lo - October 11

I don't know what's going on with my body. I'm feeling crazy emotional today and kinda shaky. My mouth kept watering all day today. If I'm not pregnant, all pms is going to give me hell this month. I wish you all luck. It's seems almost all of us will be testing this weekend. Knowing other people are waiting to test, eases the pain of waiting. Thanks girls!!!!


Nee - October 11

I am just confused as i think i may be pregnant, period due if it comes this sunday, but i have a 20mth old and i feel like i did when i was pregnant with him. My partner and i have been having intercourse but before he ejaculates he puts on a condom. I am feeling tired. What do you think?


Lo - October 11

Nee I am sort of in the same boat. Having lots of pregnancy symptoms. My boyfriend and I use the withdrawl method. And I am now over a month late. I do think a pregnancy for you is possible.


Danielle - October 12

Sha im going through same thing as you O on the 3rd and first month trying after M/C on Aug.2, i got pregnant the first try last time so im hoping for the same, havn't really noticed any symptoms had sore nipples right after O, other wise all ive been feeling is dizzy, i tested today BFN i know its too early last time i was preg took until 6 weeks to get pos on both blood and urine good luck everyone!!


Sha - October 12

Hi Danielle! Oh were exactly in the same boat. I feel dizzy all the time! Yesterday i had a lot of cm (lotion like-sorry for tmi). And the ache in my b___st are always there. I'll try to test this saturday and I'll let ya all know.


naturechild - October 12

hi ladies! i am due on 10/21 too! just waiting to see which way it comes this month. dh is deployed and was home on leave end of sept until Oct. 4. didn't pay any attention to when i O this month but my cd1 was 9/24 and i have normally 26 days cycles... anyone else pay attention to when they o'd? when was it? grinz.... and bd to all!


chrissy - October 13

I am waiting for AF its due on Oct 25.This is our first mo. ttc and I O on the 11.I hate waiting 2 its all I think about.Hope everyone gets BFP soon.



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