AF Due Today Stay Away

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Patti C. - October 29

Okay today's the day, but so far, AF is not here. I've had some signs, but AF symptoms and PG symptoms can mimic each other. I've decided to wait a day or two to test. Once in a blue moon I can start 2-3 days late, so I'm afraid to get my hopes up and test a BFN. For all you ladies in waiting, good luck and keep up the "positive" thoughts!!!!!


starr - October 29

I pray in the name of Jesus that you receive your bundle of joy. So we say to that old Af ,, don't return until your nine months is up..


Patti C - October 29

Thanks Starr. I'll post w/ an update in a couple days.


shelly - October 29

good luck patti my af was due 2d and it came this afternoon,i am gutted well on to the next month,i think i knew yesterday i had neg early test,am keeping my fingers crossed 4 u if only once in blue moon that ur late then thats a good sign,


Patti C - October 31

Well, seems the prayers were answered. I got the BFP today!! Shelly, I will pray that next month will be your month. Baby dust to all ~*~*~*~*~**~*~*~*~*


?? - October 31

Did you use opkd or just bd alot. Have been ttc for a long time now with a mc in May...Any advice?


Patti - October 31

Sorry about your mc. Actually, I didn't try so hard this time. It took 9 months w/ #2 and I tried ovpks, raising my hips after bd'ingm and lots of HPTs. I finally got pregnant when I wasn't thinking of it. This time I was aware of the time of month, but didn't really obsese because I just figured it wouldn't be that easy. I don't know what else to say, but if you can, try not to think to much about it. I know easier said than done. Good luck!!!!


Amanda - October 31

Did you have any signs?


Patti - October 31

Sore b___bs, but not to touch. They just feel sore and tingly. Also, my nipples have been hard for 2 days! Sorry if it's tmi. I'm a little tired, but not overly. I've had two bouts of nausea once yesterday reacting to empting a potty chair and once last night for no reason. They were both over very quickly. My cm was watery and is now lotiony. Also, my cervix is soft but still very low. With my girls I was seriously tired, eating like a pig, cramps etc. Not too much of anything here. Always hold on to hope and instinct. I don't have all the symptoms I did before, but I just suddenly felt pregnant today before the test. Baby dust ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~**~



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