AF Due Tomorrow The 10th

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Me - August 9

AF is due tomorrow and I have had no cramping whatsoever this month. I ALWAYS get cramps at least 4 days before. Could this be a sign?


Me - August 10

Well went to check this morning if AF is here and I just had discharge but with a smear thin line of blood. That's weird. I'm 23 and in the history of periods I've never NOT had cramping...not that I'm complaining lol.


Nicole - August 10

Sounds like good news... I have just started cramping and im not due until the 15th... It feels like AF is coming for me this month:(:( but as for you, you can take a test now... write back and let us know how everything goes..ok:) ~babydust~:)


K - August 10

Me - I too was due for AF today. And no sign at all. I usually have cramps 2 days before and I havnt had any yet. I have taken 3 First Response HPTs and they were all negative tho :( So I'm not really sure. I have had creamy discharge ever since ovulation and past few days it's had yellow in it. Any update yet?


Me - August 10

I've been up to one day late so I think I will wait till Saturday morning if I haven't started. Just afraid of dissapointment. Plus this weekend is me and my hubby's one year anniversary, that would be a great gift. Please keep me updated too.


anon - August 10

hey, i was due on the 8th, i have had no cramping either. my b___bs are killing me though and the veins are very noticable in my b___bs. ive also had b___terflies in my stomach for ages. when do you normally get morning sickness?


Lady - August 10

Im in the same boat. Was due today (I think) but no cramping before. I feel different, I dont feel like AF is coming *crosses fingers, arms, legs, toes*


Me (Jen) - August 10

Wow, what's going on this month. I will let everyone know when and if I start. Glad to know we're all not alone : )Maybe we can all say if we start or get a BFP!!!


Me (Jen) - August 10

Oh, Nicole, I have been doing lots of internet reading and I've found that lots of girls felt as if AF was coming but they were in fact pregnant. Good luck everyone.



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