AF Feb 18th Let S Play The Waiting Game Together

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johanna - February 7

hi everyone -- ttc cycle #4 for me, and i'm due on the 18th (ovulated on the 4th for sure, confirmed with opk and bbt). i'm so hopeful we got the timing right this time. now for the two week waiting game. keep me company! no signs yet, but it is obviously way to early. do you have any signs? are you due on the 18th as well? are you charting your temps? i know a lot of women experience an implantation dip around 7-10 dpo... ***baby dust and good luck***


La Rae - February 7

Hey Johanna, I am due for af around the 17th/18th. I ovulated on the 5th - had the required s_x, did all the 'right' things (if you know what I mean). The only (three) signs for me are that my b___sts feel 'slightly' heavy and my cm is REAL creamy, white and in abundance. Also, my cervix (since O) is STILL high, soft, and closed for business. Do you have any of these signs? We are awful close in our cycles. My af is always 26 days apart.


RHONDA - February 7

Hi! I'm due for AF on the 19th so we're pretty much the same time. Also, we're on our 4th attempt ttc too! I've had no symptoms although yesterday and today I've felt twinges in my lower abdomen - like ovulation pains. Fingers crossed this month. I used an opk this month so hopefully it's worked. This waiting game is a drag!! I want to know asap! Good luck to you - keep in touch.


Zoie - February 7

hey lasdies, i'm due for AF on the 17th and now i'm on the waiting game as well. i didnt do opk or bbt, but s_x everyother day. i'm about 10 dpo and so far the only sign i've had is nausea. i've had it for a couple of days, but i'm not going to count it as anything cause i just may have the flu seeing as all my friends have it. i do have a question though. on the weekend i went to a b-day party, but i only had a couple of sips of other peoples drink cause i've never tried them before. so if i was preggers would it effect my baby? GL and baby dust to you all! :)


La Rae - February 7

Rhonda - I have been feeling those twinges off and on today (while at work). Mostly on the right side, but sometimes on the left. I just told a friend of mine a couple of hours ago that it felt like I was still 'ovulating' and I know that is impossible. My O started last Tuesday and finished on Saturday. I thought it was kind of strange....


johanna - February 7

i have some creamy CM and some twinges, but nothing out of the ordinary. the waiting game is just nuts! zoie - in terms of the drinking, i'm not really sure: i think once implantation has happened and the fetus is actually physically attached to your uterus, then you start sharing nutrients, etc directly. so i'd lay off of the drinks until you find out for sure, one way or the other. good luck to all!


johanna - February 7

hi la rae: question - how is the cervix supposed to feel after ovulation (and if conception occured)? i was just able to figure out that i was feeling my cervix, and i have nothing to compare it to.... is it supposed to be high and soft? good luck! my AF is 32-33 days apart.... LONG wait each month before ovulation!


La Rae - to Johanna - February 7

From what I have 'Read' and 'Heard' - the cervix is supposed to remain closed. THAT I know for sure - it's to protect the 'baby in the making' against bacteria, germs, etc (so, I don't feel inside the cervix just around it - don't want to take too many chances). As far as high and soft - I am not real sure about that. I think I have heard that it is supposed to do that after conception. Grandpa Viv could definitely answer this question better than I can. I do know that I checked last month after O (did not get to have s_x near that time :( and it it was high, soft and still open for a couple of days, then it slowly dropped down - preparing for af. Hope that helps...


johanna - February 7

thanks la rae! i'll keep on checking every day, and not probe too much. it'll work this month for all of us! :) GOOD LUCK!


saralee - February 8

Hi Johanna i am due AF on the 17th. tingly b___bs very heavy felling down there i get a few tringes in my right side my eyes feel dry and gritty since yesterday and my mouth feels very watery . bit nausious but it could be the waiting game causing theat. this 2 ww is driving me nuts. oh and today i seem to have a headache too. opk positive 1st and second but i am not sure of my sycle as i have only recently come off bc. cm is creamy and white. had a fell of my cervix but i am really confused about this... it is low and soft is that a good sign if AF is not due until 17th??


Zoie - February 8

you all keep talking about cervix checking, but what are you spose to be feeling for? i feel kind of stupid for asking, but i would like to know :) is this a relable method? or is a test better?


johanna - February 8

honestly, i'm not sure in what position the cervix is supposed to be... but i hear it isn't a reliable method anyways. we are all graping for straws, aren't we... :) it'll work out. no new symptoms today. i had bizarre shooting pains in my right b___st for an hour yesterday, and the usual pre-menstrual aches (which i hope is somethng else). good luck!


tiffani - February 8

Hello everyone! We were going to begin ttc baby #3 this Spring, but fell victim to our raging hormones this weekend. Due for af around the19th. So glad to have people to play the waiting game with. No signs yet, obviously. Good luck to all of you! ****Baby Dust**** :o)


hello - February 8

Hi girls im due on 18th im never regular so wont hold my breath i think i ovulated on the 4th (clear discharge) Lucky we tried on the 2nd and 4th 5th even 6th just incase but now i have creamy discharge its also stick i have been peeing alot and my face has broken out badly any clues????


saralee - February 9

hi everyone.this wait is killing me....started to get a headache and sounds weird but my ears feel funny too, slightly sick feeling but that could be nerves of waiting as i have not been sick, mouth is watery too, How is everyone else feeling?


La Rae - to Saralee - February 9

My mouth is watery too. Since yesterday morning. I don't remember salivating this much since...ever! I know it's a pg sign. But I am not getting my hopes up just yet. I am roughly 5 dpo. How many dpo are you? I am also experiencing a weird cramp in my right foot whenever I sit for awhile, and then get up to walk. My b___bs feel 'heavy' and warm, but they are not swollen or anything. Anybody else experiencing symptoms like these? Oh yeah, and I still have the creamy, white cm - I feel like I CONSTANTLY have something on my undies (if you know what I mean).


saralee - February 9

saralee - La Rae.6dpo and my watery mouth started yesterday.! b___bs are burning but not swollen or anything. fingers crossed for both of us . i was excited about waking this morning to see if i felt anymore pregnant lol. babydust to everyone waiting for AF on this thread



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