AF In 2 Days But Confused Anyone

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+MARTI+ - May 31

h__lo! i am relatively (sp?) new to this site, and was wondering why when i am suppose to get my period on thursday...i havent had any periods of dryness around cervix...just a lot of creamy...or lotion-like you think that this could be a sign? oh yeah, my cervix is still high, it hasnt dropped at all...and my cycles are about 28-30 days in length, depending on how many days are in the month, meaning that i am always due the same the 2nd of every month. i hope that i have provided enough info to have you all give me some advice, thank you very much! and gl to us all!


bump - May 31

does anyone have any thoughts?


bump - May 31

im desperate...any insight?


marti - June 1

ladies...i know that someone must have something to offer me as far as what they think...i have read posts, and know that plenty of you are knowledgeable on this subject, i have read those answers over and over, but i am still confused, and wondering what you all think...i dont mean to be pushy, but i am seriously desperate for answers...please help me...thank you!


stephie - June 1

i asked the same (kidna simliar questions) my cervix is low tho and from what i read.. your cervix should be low if you're past ovulation and your period is suppose to come.. so i dunno.. i ahve mucous too.. but i see some red and they say my period might be here.. best thing is to wait another day or two i guess...


marti - June 1

thanks stephie...hope everything goes well with you...but by the post_tion of your cervix, it does sound like you might be getting your period soon...i hope that you will have better luck next month though...good luck to you!


blue - June 1

Hey Marti, I haven't got much great advice, just wanted you to know someone is listening!! I'm due 6th June, ttc for 8 months. I too feel very wet down south, with lots of white 'lotion' cm. My cervix is high. I have a few 'twinges' in the uterus area but no other pg symptoms. Good luck and baby dust....! love blue X


to blue - June 1

thank you so much for your response...does high cervix, and a lot of wetness seem to indicate pregnancy, or am i just being too hopeful? i hope not, i am excited that this could be my well as all of ours who are ttc, let me know if you know anything else...again, thank you for responding! good luck to you as well, and lots of baby dust to you too!


bump - June 1



marti - June 1

again...does anyone know anything?


marti - June 1

this is my last cry for advice...i know that a lot of you ladies know about this...please offer me some type of advice...i know that i am sounding pushy, but i have only recieved two differant responses...and it seems that 3 of us are confused, not just me...any thoughts on this are greatly appreciated, again, thank you ladies for any thoughts in regard to this matter.



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